Womens G3 Guide™ Stockingfoot

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Sorry guys, when you’re wading chest deep through spring runoff, launching laser beam casts to 20-pound steelhead—size matters. Meaning the size that fits. Simms’ Women’s G3 Guide™ Waders are sized right from a slim boot to accommodating upper, with microfleece-lined hand warmer and zippered chest pockets where you need them. The women’s specific cut features patented front/back leg seam construction to minimize wear and delivers enhanced mobility befitting of extra-big pursuits.


2014 Award Winner

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G Series in Mongolia


  • 5-Layer GORE-TEX® with 25% more breathability featured throughout the legs for increased durability
  • Women’s specific cut features higher chest and patented front/back leg seam construction
  • Patented front and back leg seams provide an articulated Women’s specific fit & provide all day comfort
  • NEW reach-through hand warmer pocket with increased volume & micro-fleece lining
  • NEW zippered Chest Pocket and Integrated Utility Tabs
  • NEW Flip-out Tippet Tender™ pocket with dual-entry zippers & retractor docking station
  • Adjustable elastic 1.5” suspender with YKK® non-locking buckles
  • Built-in low profile belt loops with nylon wading belt
  • Abrasion-resistant material for more durable built-in gravel guards
FABRIC TECH: 5-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Technology in lower – exclusive to Simms/3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Technology in upper
Click the Size Chart tab above for measurements.

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Size Chart

Women's G3 Guide™ Stockingfoots Size Chart

(hips, waist
or chest)
(crotch to
S Short** 37" 28" - 29" 6 - 7
S 37" 31" - 32" 6 - 7
M 39" 31" - 32" 8 - 9
M Short 39" 28" - 29" 8 - 9
M Full 40" 31" - 32" 8 - 9
M Tall** 40" 33" - 34" 8 - 9
L 41" 31" - 32" 9 - 10
L Short 41" 28" - 29" 9 - 10
L Tall** 43" 33" - 34" 9 - 10
XL 45" 31" - 32" 9 - 10

*These are body measurements

REGULAR=Women 5'4" to 5'7" | SHORT=Women 5'1" to 5'3" | TALL=Women 5'7" to 5'9"
**Custom Shop Sizes: Small Short, Medium Tall and Large Tall are available for an additional cost.


G Series in Mongolia

Why Simms Waders?


Product Care

GORE-TEX® Wader Care:

The #1 tip to prolonging the life of a wader is drying your waders. It is important to dry your waders out after each use. We recommend drying the inside first (if damp) and then the outside. When drying the outside you can pull your gravel guards up until the feet are dry and then flip them down to dry the rest of the wader

Washing - Use a front load machine or hand wash. Use cold water and normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once you have washed the waders make sure you dry them properly start by drying the inside first. Never put your waders in the dryer, the heat will adversely affect the seam tape on your waders and will void your warranty.

Fit - We offer more sizes than anyone, a good fit goes a long way to extending the life of your wader. Make it clear that people should use their exact measurements as we have already provided extra room for layering and movement.

General Care - Do not store inside your car for long periods of time excess heat will damage your waders.

Use A Mat - Always put your waders on using a protective mat to shield the neoprene feet from rocks. The Headwaters gear bag for example has a pull out mat that works great for this.

Proper Layering - Do not wear jeans under your waders. Jeans are highly abrasive wearing on your waders from the inside out. More importantly jeans and sweatpants do not transfer moisture away from the body. Use proper layering (to view our layering collection, go here). Using layers such as these will help wick moisture away from your body and assist in the waders ability to breathe.

Stains - most stain removers will work fine on our waders. As long as the stain remover does not contain bleach you should be o.k.



  • GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL outerwear is waterproof, exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort. Constructed with a woven backer, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell garments slide easily over other layers and offer exceptional tear strength and internal abrasion-resistance.

  • Proudly made in the United States of America. Click here to see more of Simms USA-made products.

  • Little Parts from the YKK® Fastening Products Group create The Big Difference for our customers — fastening solutions intelligently integrated with the finished product to provide the highest quality, most durable gear. The Little Parts — zippers, metal buttons and snaps, and Nylon buckles — all earn the YKK® brand. The Big Difference begins with their obsession to ensure that every individual component renders maximum value to the finished whole. That commitment instills quality and value into every product. Simms utilizes fasteners built to withstand the harshest environments and YKK® provides the best solutions to meet those needs. All Simms outerwear features nylon YKK® zippers to minimize corrosion and provide high performing, durable wear. www.ykkamerica.com.


Customer Reviews

9 Review(s)

9 Item(s)

The sizing and feel is great for me. Review by Pam-A-Lure
I am extreemly disappointed in the choice for the zipper color, why baby blue?? It should be green, brown, orange or at least something that is not goofy or embarrassing. These are professional waders for professional women who don't need to be treated like pretenders.
I contacted Simms directly after opening them and was told to consult with the product focus group, Nope I spend too much time in them fishing to waste my time with that BS. I'll color the zipper with a sharpie and get backl to fishing.

(Posted on 6/17/15)

Love Simms But Bait and Switch Review by Kelly

I bought these a few years ago when they came out. The clouds parted because you finally offered the guide waders for women. Super excited. It strengthened my allegiance to the Simms brand. But....it was a first generation, that I know you didn't invest the money in to. There were no belt loops and no tippet pocket. When I called and asked why (after quickly loosing the belt and experiencing the inconveniences) , we didn't get the same accessories as men (the angel of your arm inside to get to the inside pocket doesn't sound like much until you do it repeatedly). I was told "Simms doesn't know where women's hips fall" Really? How do you know where the men's hips fall with all those variable pot bellies? Wait for it..... When I asked about why no tippet pocket, "We didn't want your bust area to look any bigger than it is." Since when? This was when you were moving corporate offices. It was the lamest thing I have ever heard. The real answer was that you wanted to keep the cost down to see if women would buy them. Anyway...I waited for a long time for these, bought them and will live with them "as is" but you compromised for those of us who have brand loyal for years and who have waited for you to support us.

Kelly Ames

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team] - Kelly, Sorry for your experience, both with the waders and our customer service. The model you are describing is not the current Women's G3 Guide Stockingfoot. Out current model does have belt loops and comes with a tippet tender pocket. Our women's waders are designed and tested by women to ensure features and fit align with everyday use.

(Posted on 5/30/15)

Best women waders out there. Review by Folkma
I have had these for about a year now and fish almost every day year round. I have always had problems with stockings being thin leading to freezing feet in the winter and un fleeced pockets! Not on these bad boys! Straps are thick and durable (don't scratch or fall of shoulder constantly) Fit like a glove. I am 5'3 and 115 size 8 shoe and had custom ordered mine to fit my petite size and biggish feet. A little extra room in the knee but when climbing boulders or deep bends your happy you have that extra room. No leaks or damage and I have scrapped up on some rugged terrain! Love all the pockets great design with the zip on flap although i never take it off. The only thing I dislike it the wading belt design. Always struggling with that darn thing. Skinny flimsy belt and only 3 "holsters" to slide the belt through... need more holsters.. Thank you Simms!

(Posted on 5/19/15)

Outstanding waders! Review by Kailey
I have had these waders since December 2014 and I absolutely love them. It has taken me a bit to write a review as I am a product tester for GORE-TEX so I really wanted to break them in before giving an honest opinion.

I live in Island Park, Idaho and fish the Henry's Fork almost daily so I really need a pair of waders I can depend on and I must say that these have been outstanding. Although the winter snow has been mild this year, there have been days where the temps were unbearably cold and these waders kept me warm and dry.

I have tried a couple of different waders and these are by far the best pair I have owned. Not only do I love how tough and durable they are, but they fit perfectly. Being that I am 6 foot tall I ordered the long pair and they are just the right length, so I feel the size chart is very accurate. I also love how they are fitted so they are very flattering, as well as quiet when you are walking around or hiking to the river.

The only thing I would change about these waders would be to add a fly patch in the front pocket. I feel it would be more convenient when standing in the river changing flies, which is a very minor detail.

Overall, I feel these waders are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new pair.

(Posted on 5/6/15)

Worth every penny Review by Lou
These are great waders. You can spend a few bucks less, for sure, but I fish 1-3 days a week every single day of the year and these things still look and perform like new. Can't beat made-in-the-USA quality. The first thing I remember thinking when I put these on (vs my older, cheap waders) was dang I can't believe how much gore-tex there is. Every extra year your Simms G3s last is another pair of cheaper waders that doesn't end up in the landfill. If you just fish one or two times a year, these may not be worth the expense. But if you do, you won't regret it. I love mine to death!

(Posted on 4/11/15)

Fantastic waders - can order custom sizes to ensure a good fit Review by RockyMtnGal
After years of wearing ill-fitting men's waders (tight bottoms and huge feet) , we finally have a choice that takes into account women's body contour!

I have large feet for my size (women's size 10.5) so I was able to order a pair of these with custom boot size. They fit perfectly and I have gotten a lot of use out of them. I wear them a lot and always feel secure and protected in these waders.

After several years of wear, they did develop a small pinhole leak in the rear so I am sending them off to Simms for repair under their lifetime repair program. It's hard to ship them off since I love my waders!

Stop hesitating and buy them - I have owned a lot of other brands and none of the others have been as sturdy as these G3s.

(Posted on 12/2/14)

They take a beating Review by diva
I guide 180+ days per yr. These waders hold up.
The fit is great, The stocking foot sizing chart is accurate
I've tried several brands and NOTHING holds up better if you guide as much as I do. Thank you Simms

(Posted on 8/19/14)

Love it! Review by BC4
I love my wader! The fit is very flattering. Much better than my old headwaters.

(Posted on 5/15/14)

Your sizing is terrible Review by Bunny5104
Sizing is terrible. Doesn't even remotely compare to the Headwaters equivalent. I have been trying for more than half a year to get G3's. Apparently these don't fit if you are average size and short - I am by no means fat. After all of the hell I've gone through, I've ended up with Women's Headwaters and a measly $20 refund. I feel upset and gypped. I used to be a Simms everything and now I'm going to advise everyone I know not to ever buy Simms again.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team]
Hi Bunny. Thanks for reaching out. We have 14 stocked sizes of women's waders as well as a women's custom wader program. We can find a wader that will fit perfectly. Give us a call at 888.585.3570. We also recommend going to your local retailer where you can try them on. I had trouble finding the right size for myself until I visited my local shop. Those folks are very knowledgeable.

(Posted on 1/15/14)

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