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Life-Long Simms Fan
Life-Long Simms Fan

Riley W. Calhoun, two-year-old son of Wind River Canyon Whitewater owner Darren in Thermopolis, WY chills out on his first float trip.
Riley and his dad were fishing on the Wind River for Riley's first ever fishing trip. From Darren: "I made the cast with a dry fly (hopper
pattern) along the bank and handed him the rod and when the fish ate the
fly he was very excited nearly falling in the river (we were in a drift
boat) but he managed to hang on to the rod long enough to be helped land
the brown trout in the pic. Riley's trusty Simms hat is safely located in the Simms Dry Creek™ Boat Bag. Looks like we have a life-long angler and Simms
fan on our hands. Way to go Riley!