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Nipper - Citron

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  • Nipper - Citron
  • Nipper - Chrome
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Built for prime cuts across a mountain of fluorocarbon, mono, and wire, Simms’ new Nipper takes this angling mainstay to the next level with non-corrosive parts that work in harmony to slice better and stay sharp longer than the rest. Features include a wide body built from CNC aircraft grade aluminum, coupled with hard-biting stainless steel replaceable jaws. Easy-attachment options stem from a tenacious stainless steel hinge, with a retractor clip.


  • Ultra lightweight, durable, sharp nippers featuring CNC aircraft grade aluminum
  • 440C Stainless steel replaceable jaws that cut through the toughest of lines
  • Durable stainless steel hinge with retractor clip
DIMENSIONS: 1.63” x 0.7” x .425

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  • Proudly made in the United States of America. Click here to see more of Simms USA-made products.


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Poorly made Review by John in Cle
Well what can I say that others haven't already said. I purchased these last fall and they are already broken. They are dull to say the least out of the box. I went on a two day trip to PA this past weekend, went to use them, and the bottom blade or whatever it is was gone. Completely gone. I resorted to using my knife until I could hit an outfitters where I purchased a 5 dollar pair of nippers. They were already sharper than the simms out of the box. I thought about purchasing a replacement part, but I don't feel I can rely on them at all, so why bother. Anyways, I hope they can fix the design of these and make them better. I do own other simms products and they are great! Maybe I'll try them again in the future who knows.

(Posted on 8/10/15)

Does its jobb Review by Salmo
So far The nipper has worked well, 0,50 mm no problems.

(Posted on 7/25/15)

They stick shut in cool weather Review by Brent
I was really excited to get the nippers for Christmas form one of my sons. Unfortunately they were sticky in operation from the beginning. Thought perhaps they would loosen up with time and use. Nope. They look good, but I think it is time to give them up as a lost cause. Hope that Simms gets this right someday.

Love my zippered waders and boa boots.

(Posted on 7/20/15)

Very disappointing Review by Jeff Thorp
I thought that the Simms nippers would be of similar quality to the Abel nippers. Unfortunately these are not as well constructed and the blades don't cut well. I'd suggest Abel nippers or Sports Tools nippers.

Jeff Thorp

(Posted on 7/7/15)

Not worth the price Review by Riverfool
These are surprisingly inefficient. They do not cut well and after only a few months, the screws loosened up, one lost to the river and no way to replace just one screw. Impossible to find a replacement screw which fits and Simms does not sell them. The only remedy is to buy another nipper, which is not going to happen. This is the first product from Simms I have ever been disappointed with. I have owned their waders and bags for years.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team] - Thank you for hte feedback Riverfool. We do sell replacement blades online. Contact the repair center at 888-585-3570 and we will see what we can do

(Posted on 6/9/15)

am I the only one? Review by 512Brian
Am I the only one? I bought a pair of these snips, in a pinch, from one of my favorite Texas Hill Country fly shop. (Sportsman finest, great staff, one of those "island" fly shops you dream about.). These things are bad. did buy I pair? I only bought them because I thought they were keepers. I should have gone to Eckards and bought nail clippers. At least I could use them for something. I am thinking about getting replacement "teeth", but maybe I should cut my loss at $30+tax.

(Posted on 6/3/15)

Really poor product. Review by Pete
I wish I had read the reviews here before I bought these.
In summary - very poor product, barely snips a 6x tippet. I'll be returning these to Sportfish and if they don't offer me a no quibble refund I'll be coming back to Simms to resolve. I'm very surprised at Simms having released such a poor product.

(Posted on 5/26/15)

Nippers ok - Customer Service Was Great Review by Fishnbugdude
Read my earlier review - blade fell off first time using when down in Cuba. Not being able to get gear down there and not thinking I would need two pairs of nippers was a mistake.

Contacted customer service on my return and they were quick getting me new blades and screws. Very quick and very happy with the service team.

The blades still don't cut quite as well as I hoped. I have also had a problem with the spring sticking and won't open. A little reel oil seemed to fix that. Some lock tight on the screws and I am hopeful things will be better.

(Posted on 5/26/15)

Soft spring Review by Aussie Spey Bob
I love everything Simms my cupboard has become a shrine to the manufacturer, I also traveled 8634 miles just to have my photo taken out the front of the Simms factory (with a little fishing along the way of course). Having used these nippers (I now own two) for over a year I am very pleased with them. However my only gripe with these nippers is the soft spring, the spring needs beefing. every time I use them the pressure of my fingers closers them and I have to conscientiously remind my self to loosen the grip with my fingers, I find this counter intuitive, It is especially frustrating in the cold when my fingers and brain have slowed down. I have not had this problem with other nippers

(Posted on 5/26/15)

Work Great! Review by Steamboat David
Well folks it's year 2 and these things rock! In typical Simms fashion, they have fixed these babies and they work great...lots of use too! They are light and cut all size line easily...and they are sooo easy to use! I like em'!!

(Posted on 5/17/15)

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