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Nipper - Citron

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  • Nipper - Citron
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Built for prime cuts across a mountain of fluorocarbon, mono, and wire, Simms’ new Nipper takes this angling mainstay to the next level with non-corrosive parts that work in harmony to slice better and stay sharp longer than the rest. Features include a wide body built from CNC aircraft grade aluminum, coupled with hard-biting stainless steel replaceable jaws. Easy-attachment options stem from a tenacious stainless steel hinge, with a retractor clip.


  • Ultra lightweight, durable, sharp nippers featuring CNC aircraft grade aluminum
  • 440C Stainless steel replaceable jaws that cut through the toughest of lines
  • Durable stainless steel hinge with retractor clip
DIMENSIONS: 1.63” x 0.7” x .425

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  • Proudly made in the United States of America. Click here to see more of Simms USA-made products.


Customer Reviews

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Very disappointing Review by Jeff Thorp
I thought that the Simms nippers would be of similar quality to the Abel nippers. Unfortunately these are not as well constructed and the blades don't cut well. I'd suggest Abel nippers or Sports Tools nippers.

Jeff Thorp

(Posted on 7/7/15)

Not worth the price Review by Riverfool
These are surprisingly inefficient. They do not cut well and after only a few months, the screws loosened up, one lost to the river and no way to replace just one screw. Impossible to find a replacement screw which fits and Simms does not sell them. The only remedy is to buy another nipper, which is not going to happen. This is the first product from Simms I have ever been disappointed with. I have owned their waders and bags for years.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team] - Thank you for hte feedback Riverfool. We do sell replacement blades online. Contact the repair center at 888-585-3570 and we will see what we can do

(Posted on 6/9/15)

Work Great! Review by Steamboat David
Well folks it's year 2 and these things rock! In typical Simms fashion, they have fixed these babies and they work great...lots of use too! They are light and cut all size line easily...and they are sooo easy to use! I like em'!!

(Posted on 5/17/15)

Why do they only have one cutting jaw! Review by brentpr
The build quality of these nippers are good the only problem is they have only one cutting jaw and one flat jaw. If both jaws were to cut they would be a lot better. Just my two cents, I own a aerospace machining company I recommend both jaws be made out solid carbide with cutting edges!

(Posted on 5/12/15)

Blades are dull Review by Logan
I fish with up to 3X trout tippet and 12 lb. steelhead tippet. These nippers can get the job done, but it usually takes a few attempts. The blades are surprisingly dull and inefficient. I struggled with these for a few months before replacing them with significantly cheaper nippers that do a much better job. These nippers are difficult to use in general and almost impossible for me to use in cold weather.

Huge fan of Simms products across the board, but this is a surprising miss.

(Posted on 4/29/15)

Jaws stay shut too easily Review by Robin
I was pretty excited to receive what were extremely nice nippers when I tried them at the product showcase, but unfortunately they constantly stick shut and need to be fiddled with to fully open again. I've tried mineral oil which seemed to work for a bit but they started seizing again...will try other lubricants.

They cut well so they're like halfway there?

(Posted on 4/27/15)

Disappointed Review by Fishnbugdude
My first day out I was a little disappointed with how they cut thinner mono - 8 lb that is - closer to the eye. During the tarpon it worked well on the thicker stuff. Problem was one of the blades fell off before the day was done. Unfortunately I was in Cuba and had no way of getting a new blade or nippers. Fortunately my partner had an extra pair of cheap ones that got me through. I was expecting more from a Simms product. I have contacted customer service - hopefully I can update this with good news.

(Posted on 4/26/15)

Disappointed Review by Zulu
Leaving in France, I have purchased the nipper from UK distributor for $45. Being Simms "addict", i was convinced that the nipper had the same high performance features that the Simms products I use with great satisfaction (G3 wading boots, guide vest, wading staff, G4 cap and more recently G4 pro jacket). Unfortunately, this nipper does not do its basic job: cutting in once mono to 45/100 from 25/100 and certainly not the knot at the eye of the hook!
I have noticed that the jaws move from L to R and are not sharped enough.
So far, i do not plan to replace blades spares because i am not sure if this issue is fixed out.

(Posted on 4/2/15)

Dull after 3 days Review by JM
Used the nippers on 10# flouro for 3 days bonefishing. Completely dull. Would not even cut 40# flouro. Ordered replacement blades, used them last week and same thing. Emailed Simms about the problem after the first use and no reply after a month. Wish I would have bought the Abels, buddy has them and they have remained sharp after 5 salt and multiple trout trips. I have always been impressed with Simms quality. These nippers do not live up to the brand.

(Posted on 3/28/15)

Light, sharp, and effective. Review by Barry
Works well on all sizes of tippet and leader.

(Posted on 3/4/15)

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