Action today. Inspiration for tomorrow.

Simms engineers advanced outerwear to turn a collar to the cold and wet. We’re also well aware that keeping those comfort ideals afloat depends on not shipwrecking the essential resources and environments our products are designed to excel in. That’s why Simms maintains an unwavering commitment to protecting and conserving this planet’s fresh- and saltwater fisheries from imminent environmental threats. Since the beginning, Simms has partnered with leading fisheries conservation organizations the world over, recently spearheading Aquatic Invasive Species education and awareness, while innovating CleanStreamTM technologies to minimize the spread of "hitch-hiking" organisms.

Locally, its staff is involved in Yellowstone River cleanups, sponsors a section of highway along the Madison River, and supports Trout Unlimited (both national and state). In addition, the company donates money and time to groups such as the Henry’s Fork Foundation, BTT, American Rivers, Atlantic Salmon Federation, Coastal Conservation Association, TU Montana, Center for Invasive Species, Keep America Fishing, Pacific Rivers Council, Turneffe Atoll Trust, Tributary Fund, Taimen Fund, Guides Trust Foundation, Watershed Watch (British Columbia), North Coast Steelhead Alliance, Gallatin Valley, Land Trust, Native Fish Society, Atlantic Salmon Federation, and many more.

Healthy fisheries are essential to this sport’s longevity. Please join us in taking action today.

Simms is proud to support these organizations: