ExStream™ Flex Glove

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ExStream Flex Glove


Sheathed in plush Polartec® Powershield Pro™ fabric, gloves block the wind and wet, while a DWR coated stretch-fleece layer delivers stalwart warmth-to-weight performance. Keep gloves on through an arctic front, and unleash thumb, index, and middle fingers via strategic openings activated for line management and knot-tying tasks.


  • Polartec® Power Shield® Pro fabric is highly water-resistant; water-resistant DWR coated stretch-fleece has a high warmth-to-weight ratio and allows for excellent dexterity
  • Openings at thumb, index and middle fingers allow quick access for line management and knot tying
FABRIC TECH:: Polartec® Power Shield® Pro



Size Chart

Glove Size Chart

Men's SizesWidth* Length*
S 7.5" - 8" 6.75" - 7.25"
M 8" - 8.5" 7.25" - 7.75"
L 8.75" - 9.25" 7.75" - 8.25"
XL 9.5" - 10" 8.25" - 9"

* These are body measurements

How to measure for glove size.

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  • Polartec Power Shield Pro description


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good work, hands staying warm Review by fly bum
Review Simms Exstream Flex Glove

The first thing you should know is that I hate having my hands cold while fishing. It could be a perfect day but if my hands are cold I am miserable. The latter thing is that I feel off my fishing game (casting, knot tying, and sensing when fish strike) when I use full finger gloves or mittens. So when I saw the Simms Exstream Flex Glove with their pullback fingertips I thought what the hell and I bought them. Honestly my hope for these gloves was pretty mediocre when I made the purchase; rarely do I actually get a pair of gloves that perform as advertised. However when I got these gloves I immediately fell in love with them.

The outer shell of these gloves has a very neoprene feel to them; water will bead up and slide straight off. While the inner layer is a fluffy fleece that wicks moisture away from the hands. But what make these gloves perfect are the pullback thumb, index, and middle finger tips. Unless I am landing a fish I never have to take these gloves off to tie on a fly, cast, or sense a strike. I just pullback the fingers I want exposed and have at it, and when my fingertips get cold I simply pull those fingertips back on.

My next concern was how they would do after I took them off to land a fish and put them back on with my hands still wet. This didn’t even seem to affect this glove; within a few minutes of putting the gloves back on my hands were warm again.

The only down side to the gloves are what make it great. Eventually your hands are going to go into the water (gloves on) and where the fingertips are pullback water will get into these gloves becoming a soaked mess. This isn’t a design flaw with the gloves. When it happens it will be human error because these gloves are not meant to be submerged in water.

Ultimately I recommend these gloves to anyone that fly fish during the winter, it will be money well spent and you will not be disappointed with them.

(Posted on 1/11/15)

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