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Headwaters™ Sling Pack

ITEM # PG-10482

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The king of sling, Simms’ innovative Headwaters™ incarnation has a catch-free design that delivers appreciated over-the-shoulder performance. Streamlined engineering keeps gear trim to your back and perfectly balanced for enhanced casting comfort. Unzip its main compartment and load up with large fly boxes, a water bottle, and multiple tools and accessories. When it’s time to regroup and switch systems, the compression molded front panel doubles as a fold-down workspace that, combined with an array of Simms’ Add-On options, equates to a fully customizable ally in the field.


  • Sleek design & slim profile keeps gear close & easily accessible
  • Main zippered compartment stores 2 large fly boxes, 1 water bottle & multiple accessories
  • Compression molded front panel creates a fold-down workspace
  • Removable hook & loop floatant holder & tippet-spool retainer
  • Shoulder strap has net D-ring & secure strap to hold bag in place
FABRIC TECH: 420 Denier Abrasion resistant fabric with DWR
CAPACITY: 5 liters, 305.12 cubic in.
DIMENSIONS: 19” x 12” x 1.5”

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Simms Headwaters™ Sling Packs

Simms Headwaters™ Packs Architecture

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Customer Reviews

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Great design but only on the right Review by Paul

Paul 7/20/2015

I love almost everything about this pack. It's got a multitude of spots to store pretty much everything you need for a day's fishing, including your DSLR if you're so inclined. The only weakness it has - which is significant - is that it only slings over your right shoulder. I didn't know until after a few trips that my own comfort zone is the left shoulder. As a result, I can't pack as much as I want to, if I also want to avoid a nagging ache in my right shoulder. If you think about it, your rod arm and shoulder shouldn't be the pressure point for the weight of the bag AND the weight of casting & pulling in fish all day.

(Posted on 7/20/2015)

Great, but some downfall. Review by Matt

Matt 5/25/2015

I love the bag except for one thing. When I slide the bag around to access the main pack, I unzip from bottle side to top with my left hand. I noticed that if I unzip all the way to the top I cannot one hand zip the pack close. I have to anchor the pack with my rod hand to get the zipper around the corner in order to one hand zip. It's not a deal breaker, but it is annoying. The pack is new so maybe with time it will break in so to speak. If not I'll still use it. I like get my gear up out of the water and out of the way. This style pack just makes sense for me. I may end up getting the large as well for winter/cold weather fishing.

(Posted on 5/25/2015)

Great way to down size Review by The big Skinny

The big Skinny 4/30/2015

Overall the pack is what I wanted. I was a guide for several years and got accustom to carry a heavy vest, but was looking to down size. I was scared that it would not hold all my gear I would want to take, but I reminded myself that is the point. It easily holds 4 large CF waterproof boxes a couple of cliff bars, keys, phone, and terminal tackle, and water bottle Takes a little while to get adjust to sliding the pack around, but it works great for me. The only concern I have is with where the cushion and strap meet. I had to make a wrap so the tab would get caught on buttons.

(Posted on 4/30/2015)

good overall Review by blake

blake 4/20/2015

I was skeptical at first when I saw the 89$ price tag but I decided to go for it, I defenately made the right choice. The first time you get your hands on it you can immediately feel the quality and craftsmanship and thought that went into making this item. The only drawback being that if you want to have good retractors that fit snugly you will need to spend an extra 30$. Overall a good pack. Just wish it came with retractors.

(Posted on 4/20/2015)

Just right Review by Joel

Joel 12/18/2014

Call me "Goldilocks". I've tried different hip bags (fancy fanny packs), full backpacks, and bulky vests. This bag is just right. Perfect size for 3 of my fly boxes, a bead box, extra rolls of leader and tippet, a spare reel spool, a handful of thingamabobbers, my keys and wallet, gloves, a stocking cap, snacks, and a small thermos for my dawn patrol coffee.

This is the style of pack that I should have started out with. Wife has a sling bag and giggled when I ordered one for fishing, but I'm sold. Perfect size for a light day trip, or fishing when you don't need extra layers and other bulky stuff.

I love that I can just undo the sternum strap and swing it around for a solid workspace. Tools at the ready, and it's got plenty of options for retractors and spare forceps. Interior space is clean, spacious, and well set up. It never got in the way of stripping and swinging, and I love that it sits high and tight.
This is my new go-to, and I'd highly recommend it.

(Posted on 12/18/2014)

Just right Review by routman

routman 12/1/2014

Got this for fishing small creeks. Just the right size for a day-rip.
Completely replaces the vest.

(Posted on 12/1/2014)

Simms Headwaters Sling Pack Review by Drake

Drake 12/1/2014

I used this sling pack a couple of time, but recently bought a hip pack to use instead. I found that this pack is annoyingly bulky, and does not sit on my shoulder comfortably while casting. Another issue with the pack is that the standard size Orvis floatant will slip out of the little Velcro floatant holder and you will lose it in the river. It is a good idea, but it just isn't tight enough. The last issue that I had with this sling pack is that you cannot use a net with it. Period. I tried many different ways to attach a net to both the pack and my waders and could never find a comfortable place to store the net. The positives of this pack are that it does have a lot of storage options, and the work bench that is on the front of the pack is extremely handy. However, with that being said, I just did not think that the pack was comfortable enough to spend a whole day on the river with.

(Posted on 12/1/2014)

cool bag Review by vern

vern 9/22/2014

Just got it yesterday used it in the creek this morning work very well felt good getting my tackle off my chest an on to my back.Wish they would have put a quick release key attachment on the strap that is in the stash pocket.

(Posted on 9/22/2014)

Comfortable, practical yet minimal. Review by JT

JT 7/22/2014

I'm new to fly fishing and having seen guys in vests with their bulging pockets, I wanted something that would help keep me minimal. This pack does that while still allowing me to take essentials like a drinks bottle and a rain jacket. When wading the pack keeps out of the way and allows me to look where I'm going yet it's easy and comfortable to swing it around my front when I need it. The drop-down workbench idea really does work and I've not dropped anything into the water - yet! Aside from its practicality it looks good and is very well made. Being new to a sport or hobby often means purchasing gear early on that turn out to be mistakes as you gain experience. For me, this Headwaters Sling Pack isn't one of them.

(Posted on 7/22/2014)

Great item Review by Idahoflyguy

Idahoflyguy 7/13/2014

Have been using this pack at least once a week for about 6 months now in temperature ranges from 17 to 100. The pack is in the same condition as the day I bought it. Comfortable to wear in all temp ranges and very convenient storage systems. Very lightweight too. Wore a vest for many years and will not go back. Great product.

(Posted on 7/13/2014)

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