Freestone® Stockingfoot

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Freestone Stockingfoot Waders - Mineral


Great waders do not have to break the bank. Simms’ Freestone® Waders are engineered for strength, with center-seam construction to combat abrasion leaks and articulated knees for uninhibited mobility. And as for that South Island backing-packing mission that’s been gnawing at your imagination for years? Well... now you have an excuse to splurge.


  • Center seam construction with articulated knees for added mobility
  • External chest pocket with hook & loop closure, reach-through hand pocket & flip-out pocket
  • Built-in belt loop at center-back; nylon wading belt included
  • Improved abrasion-resistant material for increased durability
  • 4-layer Toray® QuadraLam™ Technology
  • Approximate weight: 38.4 oz


Size Chart

Freestone® Stockingfoot Wader Size Chart

Men's Sizes Largest Girth* 
(chest, waist
or hips)
(crotch to floor)
S 35" - 36" 31" - 32" 7 - 8
M 39" - 40" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
MK 41" - 42" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
L (9 - 11) 43" - 44" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
LK 45" - 46" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
XL 47" - 48" 35" - 36" 12 - 13
XXL 51"-52" 35"-36" 12-13

* These are body measurements

Product Care

Toray® Wader Care:

Toray® waders are breathable though not as breathable as GORE-TEX®. They do not have the same properties as GORE-TEX® and therefore finding pinholes will not be possible using the alcohol test. Care for Simms wader with Toray® technology them as you would a GORE-TEX® wader. Make sure to dry them out after use and do not wear jeans, and never use a dryer to dry them.

We are not able to replace the feet on Toray® waders. We are only able to put custom feet on GORE-TEX® waders.

Washing - Use a front load machine or hand wash. Use cold water and normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once you have washed the waders make sure you dry them properly start by drying the inside first. Never put your waders in the dryer, the heat will adversely affect the seam tape on your waders and will void your warranty.



  • Toray® fabric technology was developed specifically for fishing waders. The QuadraLam™ fabric featured in the Freestone® and Blackfoot™ waders is a heavy-duty engineered fabric with a microporous waterproof coating that utilizes 2-layer coated fabric, a single membrane layer and a tricot backer to offer improved durability.


Customer Reviews

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I would change a few things... Review by madasahab
Just bought an older model...2011? Great waders, awesome fit, just wish a few things... draw string top, flip out or waterproof pocket, much more layering around the lower legs for protection...brush is evil! I think this has been corrected on the new model...overall, awesome!

(Posted on 2/19/13)

Didn't Last Review by Joe
I like the features on these waders and they seemed tough enough to hold up well. They lasted less than a year and have started leaking at the seams. My old cheap ones did the same thing but they lasted four years. I'm assuming Simm's will stand behind the product.

(Posted on 8/17/12)

Good waders for a good price Review by Joseph
Good waders in the salt rivers, can hold up to sand and any other thing mother nature throws at me on the tidal flats, has a nice compartment for all of the essentials and a nice spot for a patch to carry all of my good flies. I use them with BOA boots and a great combo i would recommend to anyone who wants to get into the real game of fishing.

(Posted on 8/17/12)

not good enough Review by Jonas Andersen
My Freestone waders have not lived up to my expectations. I take good care of my waders; no walking through scrubs, always bringing along a towel to sit on, always wash in lukewarm water when used worn in saltwater. The storyline is: 1st pair: Leak in left sock. 2nd pair: Leak in right sock. 3rd pair: Leak in the back. 4th pair: Leak in the crotch. Each time I've sent them back to my local dealer, and it has taken a month or so, before I eventually got a new pair. Hopefully the new version is better than the previous - because that one was really rubbish!!

(Posted on 8/9/12)

ease of movement Review by Mike
These waders allow for ease of movement. They allow for all the liners necessary to focus on winter steelhead or to lighten up for summer cutthroat. Great value

(Posted on 7/16/12)

Disappointing Review by Joe G.
Purchased these waders after a pair of Dan Bailey's wore out. Loved the fit,and features, but had a crotch leak on the first day out. Took them back to the store for the 30 day over the counter warranty. Shortly after, another crotch leak in the replacement pair. Very disappointed, as I've been pleased with Simms' gear.

(Posted on 7/16/12)

Freestone Review by IanRich
These waders are very comfortable and I can fish all day in them.In cold weather I put on wool thermals and is sufficiant enough to wade in glacial melt. The black berry bushes are unavoidable on the trails, and these waders have made it so far with out a leak. Only two complaints. The belt is easy to lose.The clips that hold on to the shoe laces fell off. estimate 100 hrs of fishng in rugged atmosphere.all in all love the waders.

(Posted on 7/16/12)

Great buy. Review by Eric
Had to make the upgrade to a pair of Simms, and these were right in my price range. Bought these and the Boa boots Simms has and they have exceeded every expectation. It really is hard to find a good wader/boot combo out there but, These really take the cake. Thanks for such a great product

(Posted on 7/16/12)

freestone waders Review by stuart winton
used waders in warm conditions,22c on removing waders,my clothes were extremely damp,not happy after spending £250 or $386 which is uk price. if you want good breathable waders in the same price bracket,dont buy these ones

(Posted on 7/16/12)

J.Asheville Review by Freestone Waders
Purchased these waders a month ago. I am new to the sport and these seemed to be a great quality wader for a relatively reasonable price. After a weekend fly fishing trip to trout waters in VA and TN I was not disappointed. They were very comfortable and kept my dry without a lot of extra bulk. These pair well with a Simms chest pack.

(Posted on 7/16/12)

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