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StreamTread Sandal - Brown


Searching for the hammock-lounging comfort of a favorite sandal combined with the technology of a burly, river-ready shoe? Look no further. Simms’ superhero sandal features a quick-pull system for lightning-fast lace-ups and wading boot outsole technology that conquers rock, concrete, rebar, and the myriad unmentionables of your favorite carp infested waters… as well as the campfire, beach, and back again—all in a day’s work.


  • Sticky rubber wading outsole featuring StreamTread™ soles
  • Sandal design built using wading boot outsole technology for excellent boat-to-bank use
  • Quick-pull lace for slip on/off convenience and reliable security; no Velcro to attract debris
  • Non-absorbent, open heel upper for quick draining
  • Anti-odor, quick-dry, and cushioned EVA footbed engineering
  • Synthetic, waterproof leather construction
  • Approximate pair weight (size 10): 27.2 oz
  • Men's sizes: 8 - 13 (whole sizes), 9.5, 10.5, 11.5
  • Width D
  • NOT compatible with any cleats or studs


Size Chart

Men's Footwear Size Chart

Simms Shoe
Sandal or Flip
5 5 38 4.5 23
6 6 39 5.5 23.5
7 7 40 6 24.4
8 8 41 7 25.4
9 9 42 8 26
9.5 9.5 42.5 8.5 26.7
10 10 43 9 27
10.5 10.5 43.5 9.5 27.3
11 11 44 10 27.9
11.5 11.5 44.5 10.5 28.3
12 12 45 11.5 28.6
13 13 46 12.5 29.4
14 14 47 13.5 30.2

Not all styles available in all sizes; please see individual shoe/sandal/flip dropdown for size specifics

Product Care

Footwear Care:

For proper cleaning of your footwear to descrease the likelihood of spreading Aquatic Invasive Species, please reference our CleanStream™ page.


If using in saltwater always clean and rinse to prevent corrosion.

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. Choose an old vegetable brush or toothbrush. For maximum thoroughness, remove laces prior to cleaning. Use specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or maybe a mild dishwashing soap with luke-warm water.

Do not use bar soap or detergents.

Do not place wet boots close to a heat source (fireplace, campfire, wood stove, radiator, heater, sunny windowsill) as this can weaken adhesives and cause materials to become brittle or shrink.

Dry using natural methods (air dry) and try to keep them out of the sun for long periods of time. Boots dry faster when positioned upside-down. If desired, stuff a sheet or two of newspaper into each boot to absorb moisture. Change the paper each hour.

If you see any mold on your boots, brush in a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar.

Over time the use of leather conditioners may provide increased water repellency and can prevent cracking and drying of the leather.

Store footwear in a place where temperatures are stable and normal. Do not store footwear in attics, garages, car trunks or any unventilated spaces.

Never put footwear in washing machine.



  • Vibram® soles are built from the bottom up and are designed to overcome very specific obstacles on a variety of terrains. Vibram® invests heavily in research and development of products never overlooking even the most minute detail. Vibram® soles boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns, specifically developed to meet the challenges of many different environments and applications.


Customer Reviews

23 Review(s)

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Absolute Best Wading Sandal Review by Troutdancer
These sandal are the best out for anyone who fishes. Bought these
last year and I they stand up to everything when the warm days of Summer come around. If wading in the fast streams of Idaho & Montana you won't have to worry about the miss slip that will put you down for the count. I hike a lot up and down lose gravel trails and no problem with any of stuff getting inside my sandals. By fare the best fishing wading sandal I have ever owned. give it six stars!

(Posted on 7/4/15)

Fantastic in Georgia Review by georgiaorthodawg
Perfect product for Georgia trout streams in the summer!!!

(Posted on 5/31/15)

Good product Review by Pete from The Shack
Bought these sandals for a Puerto Rico Tarpon trip - they worked great, sticky on the boat decks, comfortable all day. Wore them on all day rain forest hike on rough trails with good comfort and no slipping. Also wore them courtesy shopping with Mrs. in old San Juan. Tarpon fishing was much better!
Good product after 7 days of wear on boats, trails, streets. Definitely pleased with them.

(Posted on 3/21/15)

great product Review by wet your fly
I wear these constantly in the warm months. Very comfortable and durable. I just ordered my 2nd pair after 3 summers of constant hard outdoor use. There well worth the $. They just need different colors.

(Posted on 3/21/15)

Very comfortable Review by JD
These StreamTreads are super comfy. I have a pair from 2006 that I finally replaced bc the bottoms are felt. They are still wearable. If these new ones last as long I'll rate them a 5 star!

(Posted on 7/20/14)

good and bad Review by fishroper
First of all let me say that these sandles are very comfortable. I hike a lot when fishing and found them to be really nice on long summer hikes to my favorite fishing spots. However I noticed after a couple of uses that the stitching began to come apart. I stitched them up then it would happen again etc. Also I noticed in streams with pebbles that I was always messing with rocks in my sandles. I would not recommend this product by a boot instead.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team]
Thanks for the feedback fishroper. If you don't mind contacting us at 888.585.3570 or [email protected] we will see if we can help.

(Posted on 3/2/14)

Excellent Shoe Review by John
I just received these and had my doubts. We wade a lot of warm water creeks and rivers in Southern Missouri and I did not think they wade grab as well as my Korkers with studs.

I was mistaken. The shoe grabs the bottom well and its design does a good job of keeping most rocks out of the shoe. It's very comfortable to walk in and we hike for miles when we go.

Very impressed with this product.

(Posted on 9/29/13)

Terriffic Review by Ed
I bought these with the 1 mm. neoprene socks (to keep debris out). They work perfectly. I fish mainly in New England and the ease of fishing with these is wonderful. I had waded wet with boots but found that they cut my feet and were clumsy. These sandals are like sneakers--light and maneuverable. They are comfortable! They also have great traction--as good as my wading boots (without cleats). They are so good that I am in the process of buying the sandals and socks for all of my children and their spouses. I had always used hippers in the hot weather here but no more. Best fishing product I have bought in years!

(Posted on 8/25/13)

Fair Review by Steve
I had a pair of Simms fishing sandals for quite a while and they stood up to some nasty saltwater abuse walking on ledges with barnacles, in the sand and on the seaweed. They were Velcro tightened and very comfortable, but finally gave out so I bought the new ones with the vibram sole.
Although Simms said the midsole wasn't wide enough to add cleats, they looked like they could to me so I put them in. Big mistake, they did push through almost immediately. I had the wrench and removed them. Hopefully the traction on the vibram sole will do the job. Another problem I encountered after the first hour of wear was the rear ankle strap was irritating and cutting my left ankle. Not nearly as comfortable as my originals. Overall a disappointing product.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team]
Thanks for the straightforward review. At Simms, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, and hearing from our customers is a great way to find out how we can build better gear. To talk to us or provide more feedback, ring us at 888.585.3570 or email [email protected]

(Posted on 8/11/13)

Advertising meets reality Review by Murray F.
I fish in Oregon where wading can be treacherous. The traction of these sandals is far more reliable than your competitor. I own waders and boots and a front pack and all continue to be excellent. Keep up the good work.

(Posted on 7/30/13)

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