The Simms Wader Warranty

    Our lifetime warranty extends throughout the lifetime of the garment, not the life of the owner(s), and covers all manufacturing defects. Issues stemming from normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired for a nominal cost.  Unfortunately all waders can and will leak at some point in their lifetime. It usually depends on how much they are used and how they are cared for. Our goal is to get the wader back to you leak-free, and out there fishing.

    We at Simms pride ourselves on craftsmanship. As the only GORE-TEX® wader manufacturer in the U.S. we have extensive knowledge on how our waders are constructed and how to restore them back to life.

    Every wader that is sent to us for repair receives a full evaluation. This is more than just a spot check: the evaluation includes top to bottom leak testing as well as a thorough examination of the wader to check for wear issues, pinholes, potential manufacturing issues or a size 22 Griffith’s Gnat buried in the seat (it happens).

    It is impossible to determine what it will take to get your waders leak-free until we have evaluated them.  For this reason we ask that you do not send payment with your waders. We will contact you via e-mail or phone once the evaluation is complete to let you know which category your waders will fall into. At this point we will process payment for the repair and shipping charges if applicable.

    No Charge Repair Standard Repair
    $40.00+ Shipping
    Advanced Repair
    $65.00+ Shipping
    Wader is within 1 year of purchase and has not been sent in before

    Wader is beyond 1 year of purchase and all issues found are manufacturing issues
    Minor wear and tear Moderate to heavy wear and tear
    For all other Simms products, please call us toll-free at 1-800-217-4667
     to discuss possible costs for your repair.

    Typical turnaround time for repairs (with shipping) is about two (3) weeks, but may be longer during periods of high volume.

    When you are returning product back to Simms for repair or warranty service, please make sure the items are clean and dry we may refuse the product depending on how unclean it is. Also, empty pockets or remove any items that you want to keep - before you return the product to Simms. Finally, due to the number of repair returns we receive, all boxes in which items are shipped are recycled immediately. If you want to keep the box that came with your waders & boots, please don't use that box to send product to Simms.


    If you think your Simms footwear is prematurely failing for any reason please send to us for an evaluation. We can also resole footwear for a charge. For Vibram® resoles you have the option to send them to us or see our list of Certified Vibram® Resoling Resources across the U.S. and Canada to find someone in your area.

    If you are using removable studs (i.e. HardBite Studs or Star Cleats) and are returning your boots to Simms, please remove them before sending the boots back.

    Also view our recommended Boot cleat patterns for Star Cleats™ and HardBite™ Studs, but you are able to arrange studs and cleats in any pattern you wish.

    Return an item to Simms for Repair:

    All repairs - waders, footwear, outerwear and all other product categories - begin by clicking the link below:

    Start a Repair

    Simms is not responsible for packages lost in shipment which do not have a repair number and a tracking number. It is strongly recommend that you create a repair number, insure your package and get a tracking number.


    Reach the Repair Department directly at 1-800-217-4667



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