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    Regular Price: $179.95

    Special Price: $143.96

Rivershed Boot - Grey


Hell hath no furry like a river scorned. And with the easy-cleaning capabilities of this CleanStream™ inspired boot it takes little more than a quick rinse and scrub to keep the AIS demons at bay. Housed in a full perimeter of burly rubber, Riversheds™ fuse the exceptional support and durability of a true hiker, with the lightweight capabilities of your favorite runner. Fishing nirvana awaits.


  • CleanStream™ design utilizes high abrasion-resistant panels with water repellent treatment for minimal water absorption & easy cleaning
  • Full perforated neoprene lining with closed-cell foam and full-coverage molded rubber toe cap
  • Full perimeter rubber offers superior durability and ease of cleaning
  • Non-corrosive hardware with high quality nylon laces
  • StreamTread™ Platform
  • Waterproof synthetic leather rubber coated ballistic panels
  • Approximate pair weight (size 10): 62.4 oz
  • Men's whole sizes: 7 - 14, Width: EEE
  • Click here for StreamTread™ cleat patterns and Vibram® Resoling resources


Size Chart

Men's Wading Boot Size Chart

To allow proper room for the neoprene stockingfoot, find your regular shoe size in the right-hand columns and order the corresponding Simms Boot in the first column. This will typically be one size up from your normal shoe size for men and one size down for women (ie: a women's USA size 8 would take a men's boot size 7).

(Simms Boot size 5 will fit a Youth Size 4, etc.)

Simms Wading
Boot Size
5** 4 37 3 22
6** 5 38 4 23
7 6 39 5 24
8 7 40 6 25
9 8 41 7 26
10 9 42 8 27
11 10 43 9 28
12 11 44 10 29
13 12 45 11 30
14 13 46 12 31
15** 14 47 13 32
16** 15 48 14 33

Not all styles available in all sizes; please see individual boot for size specifics
** Freestone Boot - Streamtread only



Product Care

Footwear Care:

For proper cleaning of your footwear to descrease the likelihood of spreading Aquatic Invasive Species, please reference our CleanStream™ page.


If using in saltwater always clean and rinse to prevent corrosion.

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. Choose an old vegetable brush or toothbrush. For maximum thoroughness, remove laces prior to cleaning. Use specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or maybe a mild dishwashing soap with luke-warm water.

Do not use bar soap or detergents.

Do not place wet boots close to a heat source (fireplace, campfire, wood stove, radiator, heater, sunny windowsill) as this can weaken adhesives and cause materials to become brittle or shrink.

Dry using natural methods (air dry) and try to keep them out of the sun for long periods of time. Boots dry faster when positioned upside-down. If desired, stuff a sheet or two of newspaper into each boot to absorb moisture. Change the paper each hour.

If you see any mold on your boots, brush in a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar.

Over time the use of leather conditioners may provide increased water repellency and can prevent cracking and drying of the leather.

Store footwear in a place where temperatures are stable and normal. Do not store footwear in attics, garages, car trunks or any unventilated spaces.

Never put footwear in washing machine.



  • CleanStream™ is a design philosophy that runs through our line of wading footwear. While not specific to a product feature, this designation does indicate that the product includes features and/or materials that are more resistant to "hitch-hiking" organisms – have less exposed stitching, fewer ridges & pockets and utilize non-absorbent materials – all making the boots easier to inspect, clean and dry faster. All of these elements assist anglers in doing their part to prevent the spread of invasive species. For more information, please visit our CleanStream™ page or these organizations: www.cleanangling.org, www.protectyourwaters.net or www.tu.org.

  • The STREAMTREAD™ platform is designed for the angling enthusiast looking for all-round, heavy-duty wading footwear. All the styles that feature the STREAMTREAD™ platform have been proividing our faithful with years of reliable, trustworthy wading confidence.  The die-cut footbed offers a sturdy, wading-reading deck and the molded TPU heel clip offers secure heel-hold & lateral stability for all day wading security.  Die-cut and molded single density EVA midsole creates cushioning for all day wading comfort.  Die-cut, full coverage TPU retention plate allows for maximum rigidity and cleat retention for heavy duty wading.  All of this wrapped in a molded VIBRAM® IDROGRIP® rubber outsole with 3MM multi-directional lugs for slip resistance in water and toe protection.  Also available in a 12mm Felt outsole.

  • Vibram® soles are built from the bottom up and are designed to overcome very specific obstacles on a variety of terrains. Vibram® invests heavily in research and development of products never overlooking even the most minute detail. Vibram® soles boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns, specifically developed to meet the challenges of many different environments and applications. www.vibram.us


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Indredible Review by NJTrout
I bought these boots 2 weeks ago and they are fantastic. I should have purchased these in January 2011 when I bout my Simms Headwaters waders. But I got talked into buying a competitors boot at the fly fishing show. What a mistake, don't buy any others, just get the Simms and you won't be disappointed. No more pinched or hurting feet and ankles.The soles are so good you almost don't need cleats except for the real slimy green rocks.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Wish They Were Felt Review by DJL
I've used my fair share of wading boots. I fish hard and put my gear through the paces pretty well. I've had these boots for a year now, with over 90 days on the water. They barely look used. The Rivershed boots are the toughest wading boots I've ever used (though my first pair of Simms). However I have found two issues. The first being that the eyelets that hold the laces are sharp and have a tendency to cut the laces. I had to replace the laces after less than 5 trips, but Simms was there to offer me two new sets for free. I haven't had any issues with the laces since. The second issue is the need for felt. These are my first pair of non-felt boots. I studded and cleated them with the Simms kit and found that they performed well on most surfaces, but I still found myself wishing I had felts. I see that as of this year, Simms has brought back felt in their Guide and Headwater models. It's unfortunate that they have not done so for all their models. Overall these boots are excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Boot Rivershed Review by thierry33
Bonne chaussure, taille grand pensez a les mouiller avant de les utiliser l enfillage n en est que plus aisé

[Simms translation]: Good shoe, a size larger than I thought. Get wet prior to use and they are easier to get on.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Rivershed Review by Jim
Very comfortable and supportive for long hikes to the stream. Carbide studs are a neccessity for traction on cobble substrates. These soles will never replace the traction you get with studded felt but they work reasonably well. Be carefull on those large basalt boulders!

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Great Boots Review by Nevy
These boots rock. I recently blew out a pair of compeditors boots after only 3 days fishing. When I returned them to my local store the manager informed me that I should have bought Simms from the beginning. I paid a few extra dollars and am now the proud owner of the Rivershed boot and couldn't be happier. They were comfortable from the first outing and I feel that the streamtread grip is fantastic.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

new boots Review by max
great boots, I use them climbing scottish hills to get to and from river yet they have amazing grip in the river, superior to felt. they are lighter when wet, they dont freeze, great grip on mud, snow and gravel. I have also used them in AK and they were great in and out of the boats

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Great boot Review by Rick
Purchased these boots as a replacement for felt bottoms. The vibram soles hold well on slippery rocks. Would not have known that the boot bottoms were not felt. Comfortable walking as well.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Rivershed Boot Review by Trevor
All i can say is what a great product. Lightweight, durable, high ankle support, this boot has everything you want for a great price. Best value in a wading boot in my opinion.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Great Boot. Review by Kingfisher
This is boot has everything in a boot I'm looking for. Lightweight, durable and very comfortable. Easy entry and even easier removal. The lace system responds well when a better feel is required for tricky river crossings. Adding and removing studs is easy and fast. Great design.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

Great Boot Review by Chris
This was my first pair of boots without felt and I am very happy how they handled this last season. Long walks back to the truck are no problem becasue they almost resemble a good pair of hiking boots on dry land. In the water the boots allow me to scramble to net fish and I will be buying another pair if mine ever wear out.

(Posted on 7/17/12)

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