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ProDry™ GORE-TEX® Jacket

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Men's Outerwear Top Size Chart

Men's Sizes Chest* Neck*Sleeve*
S 36" - 38" 14.5" - 15" 33" - 34"
M 39" - 41" 15.5" - 16" 34" - 35"
L 42" - 45" 16.5" - 17" 35" - 36"
XL 46" - 48" 17.5" - 18" 36" - 37"
XXL 49" - 51" 18.5" - 19" 37" - 38"

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    Regular Price: $499.95

    Special Price: $249.98



Simms’ award-winning ProDry™ GORE-TEX® jacket is a proven game-changer when it comes to exceptional foul weather performance. It’s built ultra-tough with ProShell fabric tech for 100-percent waterproof and windproof comfort in the burliest elements and features a longer cut that’s perfect for boat use. Advanced engineering comes in the form of two low profile large-capacity chest pockets with ample room for renegade stowaways and zippered microfleece-lined hand warmer pockets to hide your hands from the heinous. When the skies break, stow the 3-point cinch storm hood and open your eyes to the reality you’re the last man still fishing.


  • 100% waterproof and windproof featuring state-of-the-art GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric technology for superior performance
  • Extreme Wet Weather rated - up to 22" of rainfall per hour and Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®
  • Stretch fabric in shoulders & elbows for flexibility & comfort
  • Two low-profile large capacity chest pockets & two zippered microfleece-lined hand warmer pockets with built-in heat pack pockets
  • 3-point cinch, stowable storm hood, water-tight adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist and full length YKK® VT9 AquaGuard® VISLON® water-resistant center-front zipper with zipper flap for additional protection
  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric; 100% Nylon face
  • Approximate weight: 42 oz


Size Chart

Men's Outerwear Top Size Chart

Men's Sizes Chest* Neck*Sleeve*
S 36" - 38" 14.5" - 15" 33" - 34"
M 39" - 41" 15.5" - 16" 34" - 35"
L 42" - 45" 16.5" - 17" 35" - 36"
XL 46" - 48" 17.5" - 18" 36" - 37"
XXL 49" - 51" 18.5" - 19" 37" - 38"

* These are body measurements


Why Outerwear?

GORE-TEX® Technology and Simms Gear

Shaw Grigsby Reviews Simms ProDry™ GORE-TEX® Jacket and Bib

Product Care

GORE-TEX® Outerwear Care:

Cleaning your GORE-TEX® garments regularly will extend the life of the product. It will also keep them breathable as dirt and oil can clog the GORE-TEX® membrane over time.

It is critical to wash jackets. Natural oils can damage the GORE-TEX® tape and adhesives causing a peeling effect.

Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Remember to zip all pockets and close all Velcro cuffs before washing to prevent any damage caused by the machine.

Tumble dry on warm setting making sure not to use a high heat setting. Drying on warm will actually reactivate the DWR coating.



  • GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL outerwear is waterproof, exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort. Constructed with a woven backer, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell garments slide easily over other layers and offer exceptional tear strength and internal abrasion-resistance.

  • The AquaGuard® VISLON® zipper is a revolutionary new design from the global leader in containment closures. The AquaGuard® VISLON® zipper's new tooth design provides enhanced fluid repellency vs. coil or standard individual element closures, while increasing the number of design and color options for your application.


Customer Reviews

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microfleece hand pockets? Review by truthfully

truthfully 5/9/2015

The product description mentioned zippered hand pockets are micro fleeced. Received my jacket today and disappointed for it does not have micro fleece zippered hand pockets. Although, does have smaller sockets within for hand warmers. I expect an oversight by the manufacture and will contact the retailer for explanation. The jacket should be as described. I been satisfied with several other Simms products but will return the jacket if not made as described.


(Posted on 5/9/2015)

No waterproof jacket Review by Alejandro Cárdenas Lobos

Alejandro Cárdenas Lobos 4/6/2015

I´m from Patagonia , Puerto Natales , very close from Torres del Payne national park.....beautiful place , good fishing , extreme weather conditions , very strong winds and heavy rains.....
I bought this jacket on line in October 2014 and I get it in November.....great jacket , looks nice , etc...except until I try it on heavy in the world class river call Serrano ...and in just 30 minutes rain...I´m totally wet inside the jacket......on the front chest pocket all wet inside...part of my left arm and the back neck area good.....this jacket is not completely waterproof at all...¡¡¡¡

I pay it nearly US$ 900 because taxes , mail and the chilean custom...lot´s of money for a jacket.....¡¡¡.....and the middle of the rain season I have no jacket....I send it to the USA with a couple of friends....they will help me to send it to Bozeman....¡¡¡ and I hope they can do all the test to comprise it the things I said are true....and they send to me a new jacket....
Is a long way to here , Patagonia....and I trust on the guarantee of this product.....Simms here have the best reputation in between all professional fly fishing guides.....I´m just want to have my new jacket as soon is possible.....I really need it.
I really don't know if I can recommend this a bit too big too...and the cuffs velcro are also no good quality.

Greetings to everyone


[Response from Simms Customer Care Team] - Thanks Alejandro. Sorry to hear about the issues. We have quick turn around at our repair center so hopefully we'll have you taken care of quickly.

(Posted on 4/6/2015)

A MUST for "MUST FISH" fisherman Review by Todd in NC

Todd in NC 2/24/2015

I made the investment in the pro-dry bibs and jacket 2 years ago. I am very happy that I did. I fish all year, 1-4 days a week, and in the coldest ,wettest conditions, I stay dry. If you plan to layer, order up 1 size. This is mainly due to sleeve diameter. It gets tight with a few layers underneath. If you LOVE to fish, and don't want to leave your boat in the garage, on the weekends, in the wintertime, buy this suit..

(Posted on 2/24/2015)

NOT 100% waterproof!! Review by CJ

CJ 2/22/2015

First trip out I put my keys and phone in the outter chest pockets. End of 8 hrs on the water right pocket was dry, left pocket(with keys in), was wet!! Glad I didn't put my phone in left pocket!! Definitely wasn't raining 22" per hour!! Contacted Simms only to be told the pockets aren't waterproof but they are "highly water resistant"... I don't think so, as I said.... it wasn't raining hard and it was my first time using. Shouldn't advertise as 100% waterproof if it's not!! One would think that you and what you put in a rain coat that's "100% waterproof", should stay dry!! Disappointed in customer service, lack of pocket disclaimer and for the cost of this jacket.... it should be 100% waterproof!!

(Posted on 2/22/2015)

extreme weatherchanging conditions - no problem Review by Hoggman

Hoggman 11/8/2014

The west side of the haida gwaii is a constantly changing extreme weather zone. I guide there 100+ days a year. The jacket and bib pants have definitely stood up to the challenge. I wear this gear every day, rain or shine. I stay sufficiently dry in the 3 day downpours, and cool and flexible in the occasional summer spells. Open boats means full exposure all day. The hood with its adjustments works great for comfort and peripheral vision. Love the height the front zips right up over my nose for running head on into the weather. The length is a must, keeping out the wind and especially when bent over the gunnal releasing fish or setting gear. Pockets are convenient and waterproof. Could do without the watch window but its not a bother. Also the wrist and ankle Velcros did delaminate but no problem after snipping them off with scissors. After 2 seasons the pants developed some pinhole leaks in butt and knees and the jacket in the shoulders not long after. Not surprising with all the salt and brine, sitting and scraping on aluminum gunals , hooks and gear, and working on the dock. SIMMs did a good job of repairing the pants and gave a full warranty on the jacket. Dry for another season although the pants are leaking again. For Gore-Tex this gear did extremely well. I will happily buy another pair for the next season as I have definitely put a lifetime on them. Well done SIMMs!

(Posted on 11/8/2014)

Lightweight and Dry Review by Kevin

Kevin 10/31/2014

At first touch you will be surprised how light the shell feels. But the performance is all there. Super waterproof and windproof yet breathable with no clammy feeling in the cold. The waterproof cuffs are perfect. The stretch panels in the arms make for great casting.

(Posted on 10/31/2014)

All Around Jacket Review by JR

JR 9/7/2014

I am always out on the water and I have to say that this jacket is meant for every condition! I have worn this jacket in complete down pours without even worring about getting wet or cold. And then I have also worn this jacket when its sunny out. The breathability of the jacket is amazing. The jacket is light weight but also very warming. I will definetely be keeping this jacket around!

(Posted on 9/7/2014)

Perfection Review by From Canada

From Canada 6/24/2014

This thing is just the perfection of rain jacket...good job Simms!!!

(Posted on 6/24/2014)

Watch Window is terrible Review by Nick

Nick 6/2/2014

The watch window destroys this otherwise amazing jacket. When you purchase a high end simms product like this, you expect longevity from that product. The watch window creates a weakpoint in this garment. I didnt realize how until the first time I used it in the rain in hot weather. When it gets hot, the plastic material becomes very pliable, and is prone to snagging. For a product that is made to be pulled in and our of boat lockers and survive a fishing environment with trees, hooks etc., this is a horrible idea. And its practically useless even if it didnt cause a chink in the armor. It fogs up, and it doesnt line up when you cinch the straps. and who cares about a watch when almost every piece of electronics has a clock on it? what a waste. the old version didnt have it. the guy who thought this up...well he probably doesnt actually fish....sorry for the rant, but a $500 jacket should not get a puncture on its first use...likely during retrieval from the boat locker.

(Posted on 6/2/2014)

Fancy Designers > Functionality, Not Review by Cottingham

Cottingham 5/11/2014

I bought a "G3 type" guide Jacket some, 23 years ago. I can remember my mother raising hell that "I would have spent so much $$$ on a fishing jacket"? However seeing that I wore it yesterday would arguably make it the cheapest article of clothing I have ever purchased. Sure it's a little "worse for wear" with some waterproofing challenges in the shoulders but after 23 years it's design & functionality are superior to the ProDry garment.

Too bad the designers never put the jacket on, synched the hood section up and tried to bass fish (make 1,000 cast) while checking electronics and trolling motor from the deck of a Bass boat in the pouring rain.

Had they, they would have learned that due to the angle of fabric between the synch bands water rolls under the lip and down the inside of the hood portion an saturates the upper chest area. I have tried multiple configurations of adjustment, all to the same outcome. If the garment is loose and hood up, water flows freely off the jacket but you must stand like a "monk" for this (probably the same position the engineers took while testing it in their facility).
The only solution I have found is put on my OR rain hat over the hood.

I would also add, that the "Y" flap piece of fabric in the bottom of the crotch zipper section of the bibs makes it very difficult to get to your "junk" when under three or four layers. Get rid of that.

Thank you,
for producing some of the best fishing products available.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team]
Well put Cottingham. We have passed this along to our Research and Development Team. Truly appreciate good feedback that will help us make improvements!

(Posted on 5/11/2014)

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