G3 Guide™ Boot

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Simms’ G3 Guide™ Boot has blazed more miles than any other wading boot in existence—and it’s just warming up. Advancements to this year’s incarnation include the guide-approved performance of a RiverTread™ platform featuring proprioception, which minimizes rigid underfoot materials for enhanced feel whether on the trail or in the water. Vibram® Idrogrip outsoles add to this great-grip equation thanks to multi-directional lugs—compatible with all Simms’ AlumiBite™ and HardBite™ cleats and studs. Additional features include a TPU molded heel clip for a positive, locked-in fit, as well as neoprene internals that deliver cushioning where it counts for superior wading warmth, comfort, and easy on/off activation.

G Series in Mongolia


  • An update to Simms’ signature Guide Boot for a lighter, yet more durable balance of wet trail & all-day wading
  • Simms NEW RiverTread™ platform for guide-ready wading performance, support & traction
  • TPU molded heel clip for positive heel fit & hiking security
  • Partially-lined with neoprene for wading warmth, cushioning & easy-on/easy-off
MATERIAL TECH: Waterproof nubuck leather & TPU-coated textile upper, RiverTread™ platform/4.0mm Vibram® Idrogrip rubber outsole
APPROX. PAIR WEIGHT (size 10): 59.2 oz
SIZES: 07-14, whole sizes, EEE width

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Size Chart

Men's Wading Boot Size Chart

To allow proper room for the neoprene stockingfoot, find your regular shoe size in the right-hand columns and order the corresponding Simms Boot in the first column. This will typically be one size up from your normal shoe size for men and one size down for women (ie: a women's USA size 8 would take a men's boot size 7).

(Simms Boot size 5 will fit a Youth Size 4, etc.)

Simms Wading
Boot Size
5** 4 37 3 22
6** 5 38 4 23
7 6 39 5 24
8 7 40 6 25
9 8 41 7 26
10 9 42 8 27
11 10 43 9 28
12 11 44 10 29
13 12 45 11 30
14 13 46 12 31
15** 14 47 13 32
16** 15 48 14 33

Not all styles available in all sizes; please see individual boot for size specifics
** Freestone Boot - Streamtread only


G Series in Mongolia

Simms G3 Guide™ Boot

Product Care

Guide Boot Care:

For proper cleaning of your footwear to descrease the likelihood of spreading Aquatic Invasive Species, please reference our CleanStream™ page.


Guide boots are made water-repellent full grain Nubuck leather.  They require little maintenance but should be cleaned and dried.

If using in saltwater always clean and rinse to prevent corrosion.

Use a brush to remove dust and dirt. Choose an old vegetable brush or toothbrush. For maximum thoroughness, remove laces prior to cleaning. Use specialized boot cleaner, saddle soap or maybe a mild dishwashing soap with luke-warm water.

Do not use bar soap or detergents.

Do not place wet boots close to a heat source (fireplace, campfire, wood stove, radiator, heater, sunny windowsill) as this can weaken adhesives and cause materials to become brittle or shrink.

Dry using natural methods (air dry) and try to keep them out of the sun for long periods of time. Boots dry faster when positioned upside-down. If desired, stuff a sheet or two of newspaper into each boot to absorb moisture. Change the paper each hour.

If you see any mold on your boots, brush in a mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar.

Over time the use of leather conditioners may provide increased water repellency and can prevent cracking and drying of the leather.

Store boots in a place where temperatures are stable and normal. Do not store boots in attics, garages, car trunks or any unventilated spaces.

Never put boot in washing machine.



  • CleanStream™ is a design philosophy that runs through our line of wading footwear. While not specific to a product feature, this designation does indicate that the product includes features and/or materials that are more resistant to "hitch-hiking" organisms – have less exposed stitching, fewer ridges & pockets and utilize non-absorbent materials – all making the boots easier to inspect, clean and dry faster. All of these elements assist anglers in doing their part to prevent the spread of invasive species. For more information, please visit our CleanStream™ page or these organizations: www.cleanangling.org, www.protectyourwaters.net or www.tu.org.

  • The New RIVERTREAD™ platform is designed for the demanding angler looking for the best wading footwear on the market.  RIVERTREAD™ features Simms’ latest engineered components to maximize comfort, performance, and slip-resistance.  The molded 3D footbed with arch support and ball flex aligns the foot for all day comfort and optimizes biomechanics.  Molded dual-density EVA midsole creates extra cushioning for hiking comfort and enhances proprioception.  A Molded and minimal TPU rentention plate allows lightweight cleat retention and enhances proprioception.  A molded Vibram® Idrogrip® outsole with 4mm self-sharpening multi-directional lugs permits long lasting traction on trails, slip resistance in water and toe protection.  Also available in a 12mm Felt outsole.

  • Vibram® soles are built from the bottom up and are designed to overcome very specific obstacles on a variety of terrains. Vibram® invests heavily in research and development of products never overlooking even the most minute detail. Vibram® soles boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns, specifically developed to meet the challenges of many different environments and applications. www.vibram.us


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product Review by Davis
These boots started out stiffer than I imagined and had me worried, but after a few long trips out, they begin to break and now feel almost as comfortable as my favorite hiking boots. They provide great ankle support, walking over uneven substrate is a breeze. The Vibram rubber works on slimey wet rock incredibly well even without studs added. They drain like a charm and the neoprene material on the inside of the boot has you getting in and out of them without strain. One other item to mention is the fact that these boots have you "on your toes", so to speak. The boots keep you on the balls of your feet, it is a different feeling from previous boots but you get used to it and realize its for the better.

(Posted on 12/3/14)

Excellent Wader Boot Review by FJD124
I bought and used these for a moose hunt in the Brooks Range of Alaska. They held up nicely in the rivers allowing me to walk for several miles on slippery rocks without falling. They were also comfortable when hiking up mountains which were used as vantage points for spotting moose. I did not break these boots in prior to mu hunting trip and I did not get a single blister. I have read some reviews which say to buy a size larger than you normally would but I did not do that and mine fit perfectly over my G-3 Stockingfoot Waders.

(Posted on 10/22/14)

I'll report back in December Review by Kevin
Just purchased these boots for my trip to New Zealand. I've tried on most other wading boot brands, but after trying them on at the shop and then at home for an evening, I'm ready for many miles of trecking in them. My fishing guides recommended Sims with the new wading soles. I'll let you know how they perform on the South Island in November. I'm so psyched.

(Posted on 10/21/14)

Great grip that's about it. Review by Ray
I am on my feet all day at work and play and never cut corners on my foot wear and I must say for the price these boots just don't cut it. I have a full stud package on my boots and I will say you will not slip (Vibram sole not a Simms product) other then that there is allot to be desired. First day on the river the Water proof Nubuck that will be wet for days got cut. The toe cap is starting to pull off and the pull strap on the back has ripped off. If your going to add features to a boot make sure they will preform the task they are designed for. this boot gets a 1 for grip but remember you need to spend the EXTRA $80.00 for cleats. I am a new Simms client and will not be purchasing from them again.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team]
Thanks for the review Ray. Please contact us at 888.585.3570 or [email protected] We have not heard about this issue before and would like to find out more.

(Posted on 9/19/14)

Great boots Review by Moishe
I'll admit a few things up-front: I'm new to fly fishing (been doing it about a year), I'd previously been wet-wading in flip-flops or 5.10 mountain bike shoes (grippy but drainage was... lacking), and I'm a klutz.

With that out of the way: I bought these boots a couple of weeks ago at my local shop, immediately drove down to the Collegiate Range, hiked 3 miles in them and then spent the afternoon wading a small creek that was devoid of people but full of beautiful little cutthroat.

The hike in was mostly along a rocky, dusty trail. The boots were great on the hike, far better than I expected. They might be "heavy" compared to other wading boots -- I dunno? -- but they're lighter than the hiking boots I had in the 90s and comfortable. No complaints on that length hike. I'll be doing a longer trip with a heavier pack this weekend and I'm confident the boots will be fine.

Once I got in the water, though, these boots truly came into their own. Great grip, excellent support, nice "feel" to know what's going on under your feet. I'm clumsy but these boots helped me not wade like I was drunk.

The boots dried out quickly on the hike back to the car (aided by the high altitude and perfect weather, of course).

Since then I've been using these boots daily on Boulder Creek so I've got at least 10 days on them, and I love 'em. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.

(Posted on 9/18/14)

Form & Function Seamlessly Fused Review by Stuart
I used to think expensive gear was for suckers . . . don't tell my wife I said this but "I was wrong"!
I upgraded to theses boots after I chewed through a pair of RiverShed's and before them a pair of L2's. I didn't think it possible but the G3 boot is yet another step up. They feel great on, have stacks of sticky grip, are built well and look great. Im pretty hard on all my gear and Simms products never fail to live beyond reasonable expectations as far as durability is concerned. I do allot of backcountry fishing that requires many miles of hard rock-hopping and bush/forrest bashing and they perform fantastically.
I have had one problem though, I bought a set of star cleats with the boots and on the first outing all four of the toe cleats pulled out, I didn't bother replacing them as they have plenty of grip anyway but a bit annoying as the cleats can save on painful face plants!
Maybe on the next model a harder compound rubber in the toe section to hold those toe cleats??
Cheers to all the guys at Simms RnD keep up the great work - I am your number one fan.

(Posted on 9/15/14)

excellent fit Review by John
I had a pair of boots from another quality company and the sole fell off after two seasons. Also the fit in the ankle area was lacking. I put these boots on and noticed right away how they supported my ankles.
The quality of the sole in the toe area will prevent the sole from coming loose. I have used these boots on the Ausable river NY and
the grip was excellent as well as the ankle support in some very challenging pocket water.
My wife purchased a pair of G3's because she was having problems with her other boots because of a wide foot. Since Simms boots are wider she is now very happy and comfortable with the new boots.

(Posted on 8/23/14)

Great purchase Review by Stinky Pants Fishing
I wanted a step up from the tradition wading boots I use on the Texas coast and purchased these. The support especially in the soles are great and the extra durability is what I was hoping for on the rough bottoms I encounter while wading. I matched them with a pair of Simms neoprene socks and I haven't looked back.

(Posted on 8/20/14)

100+ Days and No Issues Review by Matt
I bought a pair of these boots about a year ago and they have certainly seen a lot of mileage. I tend to do a lot of hiking when fishing so I've used these for both hiking and wading. I've had studs/cleats in and out of them multiple times and the soles are still in good shape.
After 100 or more days of use the tread is definitely getting worn down but that's to be expected, and they still grip nearly as well as when they were new.
I have gone through a pair of laces but they're easy to replace. Other than that I've had zero issues with these. Everything has held together well. These boots have excellent fit and support.
My only complaint is that they are very heavy compared to some other boots out there but I think the extra durability is worth the price in weight. One thing is for sure--I have yet to find any wading boots that out-perform these and I would recommend them to anyone.

PS--there's nothing wrong with vibram soles. If they aren't grippy enough for you then use cleats/studs, buy felt, or better yet learn to wade better.

(Posted on 5/28/14)

Top Notch Boot Review by Mark
I bought a pair of these and could not be happier with them.Very well made, comfortable , like a really good hiking boot,great fit and ankle support, and as light as can be !!, A nice compliment to the Simms waders that are also in a league of there own. I did put the hardbite star cleats on them for added rock gripping power and they work well and would highly recommend these boots to any one looking for a high quality wading boot.

(Posted on 4/21/14)

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