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Wading Staff - Sterling


Added stability and safety for wading.


  • Sectional staff breaks down to fit in self-draining neoprene holster
  • Anodized aluminum shaft allows flex while maintaining strength
  • Top section constructed of super strength bar stock 7075 aluminum for additional durability
  • Retractor features a braided Spectra cable that is stronger with improved durability
  • Offered in two lengths: 52", 56"
  • Not intended to support your full weight. Alway practice safe wading, do not rely on your staff to hold you up when wading too deep. This is meant to help you feel your way through the stream.
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Excellent staff Review by Bob
Replaced a bungee cord staff with Simms's staff 5 years ago and never looked back.

One suggestion: a retractor with more tension would be welcome because, if strong enough, it would put the staff handle at hand, rather than hanging at my knees

(Posted on 7/21/13)

Great for balance Review by Sandy
When I rate items these days it's often to identify gear that addresses quality, functionality, and safety. The Simm's wading staff helps my balance and safety when wading the rivers of northern New Mexico. I am 63 now and do not possess the balance and mobility of my 40's. Simply, this staff makes me more comfortable when fishing.

(Posted on 6/29/13)

Simms Staff Saves My Life Review by Sandy
I am a 63 year old guy who's balance has been somewhat by advancing years. I resently took a tumble and injured my pride and elbow. The Simms staff has helped me to be much more confident in the water while navigating the rocks and boulders. The staff design is superior and easy to extend, and more importantly, well manufactured by Simms. One complaint, as noted above, the sheath leaves something to be desireD. While this is not a big deal for me, it seems that Simms should do some redesigning on the sheath to make it easier to use. Overall, this product has probably, literally, saved my life a couple of times. GREAT PRODUCT!!

(Posted on 6/12/13)

About time to buy a back-up, easy call Review by Bux
Some 10 years ago an old pal bought me a Simms staff partly out of gratitude for a fishing junket we'd been on and partly out of sympathy after watching me slip and stumble around with the "stick d'jour found in the woods each day. It's been with me on every trip since and it has saved me any number of dunkings. Couple of years ago it fitted a copper plumbing part to reinforce the tip, but it wasn't until this year that the staff showed its first signs of frequent use -- there's a bit of play at the connection joints -- not much, but noticeable.
Father's Day I hope to see a new staff...just as good or better than the old one.

(Posted on 6/6/13)

If you travel by air to fish....get this! Review by Bill
I have fished for Steelhead and trout in Alaska and Northern BC.
With the rods to ship, there was no room in the tube to ship my normal 'ski pole' wading staff.
My first trip to Alaska, a friend loaned me his Simms collapsible. Since I have bad knees, I always use a staff, It worked great, and remained assembled the whole time I was there.
My next trip to BC, I used a stick, cut by the guide. It filled the need, and was better than nothing.
This last trip to BC, I bought the Simm's 56" staff. Just what the doctor ordered!
On my last day, while climbing a pile of rocks out of the river valley, the staff got jammed between two boulders. I did not lose my balance to the point of falling, but thankfully the staff held till I regained my footing. Unfortunately, I forced it beyond it's breaking point, and the bottom joint failed. At my age,(65), falling in a pile rocks, 13 miles in the bush, is not a good option!
I think this staff saved me from a terrible accident, and I am truly thankful.
Now for the rest of the story
When I got back, I contacted Simms, and recounted my trip, and how great I thought the staff was, and what it saved me from. They said to send it in for assessment!
I am so happy to say that my replacement staff arrived less than 10 days later!
Great Company, Great Products, and Exceptional service!
Who could ask for more?

(Posted on 5/26/13)

Wading Staff / Loveland, Colorado Review by Stealth
Simply ..... " Don't Wade Fish Without It "

(Posted on 5/3/13)

Good Staff Review by GoGrizz
I Bought this almost a year ago and do love it. It seems as if the cable stretched out on me and the staff doesnt stay tyogether anymore dont think this is the norm but have sent it back for repairs. I love Simms equipment and hope this is resolved or replaced. Buy one you will love it. Tough, Light, Great Pouch and retractor is #1. just hope the new one or repair lasts longer than a year.

(Posted on 4/10/13)

Life saver Review by Yukon GVT
After using this wading staff for four years I can honestly say it is an absolute MUST for anyone fishing in big water, fishing water with high turbidity, and especially people fishing solo... I am constantly amazed with how well this staff is constructed - and how well it performs. This is not an accessory... it is a critical piece of safety gear constructed in a manner that makes you "want" to use it. Way to go Simms!

(Posted on 12/13/12)

Great Staff - fix the zinger Review by loghouseJD
I used this staff for about 5 years in some very rough canyons. I used it when wading, but mostly I used it for balance while climbing the rock and boulders lining the Colorado Foothill Canyons, like Clear Creek, Boulder Canyon, S. Boulder Canyon.etc. The staff took a real beating but it never let me down. I'd deploy it as soon as I got out of the car and just let it drag over the rocks until I needed it, pulling it out of crevasses by the zinger wire. I dare anyone to report a shock cord staff that lasts more than a season and when they stretch out they are less than worthless; they're dangerous. Finally the zinger cord either rusted out or flexed out and I lost the whole staff. A sad day. I check out replacements and this is the only one that locks rigid by sliding the top section down until it clicks in order to tighten up the other three. So what that you can't do this with one hand. Have it deployed all the time and you won't be falling off slippery rocks.

(Posted on 11/12/12)

Great staff, horrible sheath Review by Volcanoguy
Staff is very well made, sturdy, easy to assemble and disassemble. Sheath is made of neoprene. Opening and width of sheath much too narrow for easy insertion of staff-it is a two handed operation, which is not easy on stream while holding a rod in one hand. I'll make my own sheath out of stout leather.

(Posted on 8/9/12)

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