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Wading Staff - Sterling


Added stability and safety for wading.


  • Sectional staff breaks down to fit in self-draining neoprene holster
  • Anodized aluminum shaft allows flex while maintaining strength
  • Top section constructed of super strength bar stock 7075 aluminum for additional durability
  • Retractor features a braided Spectra cable that is stronger with improved durability
  • Offered in two lengths: 52", 56"
  • Not intended to support your full weight. Alway practice safe wading, do not rely on your staff to hold you up when wading too deep. This is meant to help you feel your way through the stream.
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Life saver Review by Yukon GVT
After using this wading staff for four years I can honestly say it is an absolute MUST for anyone fishing in big water, fishing water with high turbidity, and especially people fishing solo... I am constantly amazed with how well this staff is constructed - and how well it performs. This is not an accessory... it is a critical piece of safety gear constructed in a manner that makes you "want" to use it. Way to go Simms!

(Posted on 12/14/12)

Great Staff - fix the zinger Review by loghouseJD
I used this staff for about 5 years in some very rough canyons. I used it when wading, but mostly I used it for balance while climbing the rock and boulders lining the Colorado Foothill Canyons, like Clear Creek, Boulder Canyon, S. Boulder Canyon.etc. The staff took a real beating but it never let me down. I'd deploy it as soon as I got out of the car and just let it drag over the rocks until I needed it, pulling it out of crevasses by the zinger wire. I dare anyone to report a shock cord staff that lasts more than a season and when they stretch out they are less than worthless; they're dangerous. Finally the zinger cord either rusted out or flexed out and I lost the whole staff. A sad day. I check out replacements and this is the only one that locks rigid by sliding the top section down until it clicks in order to tighten up the other three. So what that you can't do this with one hand. Have it deployed all the time and you won't be falling off slippery rocks.

(Posted on 11/13/12)

Great staff, horrible sheath Review by Volcanoguy
Staff is very well made, sturdy, easy to assemble and disassemble. Sheath is made of neoprene. Opening and width of sheath much too narrow for easy insertion of staff-it is a two handed operation, which is not easy on stream while holding a rod in one hand. I'll make my own sheath out of stout leather.

(Posted on 8/10/12)

Wading Staff Review by Norm - Prairie Village, KS, USA
A client gave me my staff as a tip. He had been seeing how I was "lusting" over his. That was 5 years ago. After those hard use years using it as not only a wading staff but as a walking stick through out Wyoming and Patagonia it finally gave it up. A hard tumble on the Rio Simpson bent it beyond repair. I've ordered a replacement!

(Posted on 7/20/12)

Wading Staff Review by ICHItheKILLER - Seattle WA.
Great staff. I used my fishing rod for support in over waist deep running river water with reel submerged, not a good idea I know. I now have my first wading staff and will stay with the Simms wading staff. Light weight, compact, and out of the way while fishing.

(Posted on 7/20/12)

Broken Cord after many years of use Review by Trevor.r- Australia
This has been a great product and have used on a regular basis for 6 years plus. Cord has just broken at top connection point most probably due to wear. Will have no hesitation in buying Simms replacement wading stick as have not seen anything as good on market

(Posted on 7/20/12)

Broken Cord Review by Scott - Biltmore Lake
Have had the staff for a little over one year. It worked well. Used only 3-4 times and cord broke at connection to first section. Emailed Simms customer service, but received no reply. Very unusual.

(Posted on 7/20/12)

this is the all time #1 wading staff on the market today. the inner core is steel coated(not bungy style)so it will never stretch out and wear. very secure when together. the thinner design is easier leverage in the swift moving current. well made and very light weight. this staff saved my client's life. definetly worth the money!!!!!

(Posted on 7/20/12)

The Best Staff Available. Review by Kingfisher - Kingfield, Me. U.S.
This staff is the very best you can purchase. Easy to use and dependable when needed. Stores well and it's clean design is never in the way when you are fishing. The staff is very lightweight so you don't really notice it during all day sessions. A great piece of gear.

(Posted on 7/20/12)

I like it Review by FlyGyd - Bethel, Maine
Before this staff came out I thought the best available was the folding staff with the cork handle, shock cord, and the tapered ferrules. Lean on it for a day in cold water the ferrules were near impossible to get apart. After pulling hard enough the cork handle came off. Simms solved those problems with the slip together ferrules and the sliding lock tube. The grip handle has a comfortable shape it looks like it will stay on. I like the zinger. Its been long enough to reach where I needed and retracts to keep the staff from floating downstream and tangling my fly line. There are a couple of things I'm not thrilled with. It takes two hands to deploy, at least if you are in waist deep fast water, which is usually when I want it. The neoprene sheath is nicer than the other brand does wear quickly if it gets bumped on the bottom when the staff is stowed. The sharp edges of the folded sections can cut little "smiles" in the neoprene. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives by a wide margin. I'm keeping it and recommend it to others.

(Posted on 7/20/12)

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