AlumiBite Star Wading Cleats (10-count)

A new cleat from Simms that is specifically engineered to fit with our Vibram® rubber soles - utilizing corrosion-free aluminum to conform to micro-surfaces of rocks.
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A cleat from Simms that is specifically engineered to fit with our Vibram® rubber outsoles - utilizing corrosion-free aluminum to conform to micro-surfaces of rocks.


  • Designed to fit pre‐defined cleat locations on Vibram® rubber outsoles featured on Simms RiverTread™, StreamTread™ & VaporTread™ Platforms
  • Corrosion‐free aluminum is softer than carbide & conforms to the micro surfaces of rocks producing excellent grip
  • Machined & manufactured in Bozeman, Montana


  • Vibram® soles boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns, specifically developed to meet the challenges of many different environments and applications.

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Reviews (9)

  1. Work but fall off


    I bought two packs of the cleats and a pair of Simms boots with the vibrant sole to replace a competitors pair of aluminum bar boots that had worn out. After two months of fishing I have lost one cleat every trip. I am now out of replacements. I like the way these grip in the water and the vibrant soles grip while on the shore (weak point of competitor) but the competitors boots lasted four years with only replacement of bars. By the end of this season I expect all of these cleats will fall off.
  2. Perfomed as expected


    Have had these pucks for 2 years in a myriad of waters and they are worn to the point of needing replacement. Only ever lost one and that took about five miles of overland walking. Nothing can completely prevent slipping on certain rocks and stream beds, especially with rubber soles, but for most situations these do as advertised. Plus, I don't have to worry about hopping into a boat and scratching the flooring to pieces as with other studs.
  3. Just fantastic... very pleased


    Wore these for the first time today with an old pair of Freestones I had laying around and & felt more comfortable and secure - by far - than I ever have with felt soles. I wade with a staff too and the combination of cleats/staff provided the stability I was looking for. Nice product.
  4. Best Cleats I have found


    I have had the same set of cleats on my Simms boots for two years. I fish 40 to 50 days a year - none have fallen out. I am replacing the cleats now before they wear down to the point where I cannot unscrew them. I have found the traction to be better than any other sole/cleat combination I have tried over the years, and they stay in much better than other cleats/studs I have used.
  5. I won't enter any water without these cleats


    The Alumibite cleats are the only way to go with rubber soles. It feels like the literal grab rocks and cut through vegetation and slime. I've used other studs but will not go back to anything else since I tried the Alumibite product. Easy to make a custom installation to fit your feet and needs. I can't recommend them highly enough. They are a safety device which greatly improves my enjoyment of fishing.
  6. Poor Performance


    These are soft, aluminum is a soft material to start. These wore quickly, rounded edges. Created a very unsafe condition. I removed after 3 months and tossed in the trash. Don't waste your money.
  7. Complete fail


    I bought a $30 puck and put 5 alumibite cleats in each boot. I headed to the Big Hole for long weekend in October. The low water makes the shallow rock very slick, as you know. After a few hours of sliding around - 5 per boot isn't good, I stopped to and noticed I'd already lost a couple. Long slippery story short, by the end of day three I don't think there were two left total.

    I told the fly shop and they said you had some issues with certain soles not holding the cleats. Is this true?
  8. Lost 'em a couple days


    I bought one $30 puck of these alumibrite cleats and installed five per boot, into my Simms Rivertrek soles. I had four days on the Big Hole in October and knew I'd need some better traction on the slick shallow bottom rocks that hadn't felt current in a month.

    After a couple hours of slipping around on the first morning one boot had two cleats left. By the end of the four days I think there was one cleat still in place. I should have just cast a few $10 bills into the river.

    Unacceptable. I won't be buying any of these cleats again.
  9. A good product that provides improved traction with stream tread soles


    These cleats are easily installed and have provided me with improved traction while wading. The only issue I have had with them is that if I step on a dry sloped rock and the only thing touching the rock is the cleats, they will slip. Otherwise a great product. Thanks!