Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch - 4L
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$59.95 USD

Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch - 4L

$59.95 USD
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Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch - 4L
Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch - 4L

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Keep your essential goods dry and accessible

Whether on the boat or tucked in your trusty travel bag, the 4L Dry Creek Gear Pouch takes loose items, including straying phones, keys, electronics, wallets and more, and puts them in their worry-free 100% waterproof place.

waterproof zipper


Tru Zip™ waterproof self-healing zipper for 100% submersible protection and security.

clear window


Clear window for easy accessibility and to see what you're feeling. 

webbing straps

Safe and secure

Secure to raft frames or other gear with external webbing straps that lock in security. 


Ensure your key essentials are easily-accessible and 100% dry.

  • TRU® Zip; self-healing toothless zipper for 100% waterproof-submersible protection
  • Clear window allows organization and accessibility
  • Secure to raft frames or other gear with external webbing straps
  • *Accessories sold separately*

FABRIC TECH: 300D polyester ripstop with an outside PU coating and inside TPU lamination
ITEM #: PG-12825



    TRU® Zip is an easy-sliding, toothless waterproof submersible zipper system. Tested to IP67, this high-performance zipper protects from sand and dust, and is completely waterproof submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Designed for ultimate reliability and ease-of-use, the extruded TPU system combines mechanical and vacuum forces to create a powerful, durable seal. With an intuitive slide-to-secure design that glides smoothly into an over molded garage, TRU® Zip offers a confident closure you can feel. Visit TRU-ZIP.com to learn more about TRU® Zip.

    Maintaining the TRU® Zip zipper is simple and will keep it gliding smoothly. To clean, simply rinse the zipper rails with fresh water. For optimal performance, lubricate zipper after cleaning, before prolonged storage, or to improve zipper performance. Distribute liquid zipper lubricant along all zipper surfaces, then slide zipper multiple times. Wipe away any excess lubricant with a clean dry cloth and you’re ready to go.


    Correct use: To close the TRU Zip zipper, move slider slowly and pull firmly to lock into zipper end-stop. If slider is not fully closed, zipper will not seal as intended. Test the waterproof capability by periodically submerging after sealing the TRU Zip zipper. Do not use if bubbles escape during testing.

    Important: The performance of the product depends in part on correct use and maintenance of the TRU Zip zipper as provided above. Protect your Simms gear from sharp objects and abrasions during use and always inspect for wear and tear before use. Simms is not responsible for any damage caused to any equipment or property from the use of this product.