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Catch of the Day Nodes

Redfish Rendezvous

Avid Simms fan, Mike Allen, submitted this incredible photo and a great tale to go with it: "I had the opportunity to spend a week Redfishing around the Hopedale, Louisiana area...Capt.

Travis Holeman spotted this monster "Red" tailing in four feet of water. I made a seventy foot cast and laid the fly right were Capt. Travis had instructed me to - on the back of the fish. I stripped the fly over it's shoulder, strip set, fish on! After I landed and released the fish, Travis estimated it was in the forty to forty-five pound range! Regardless of size, it was a beautiful tailing Red...and the only tailer we saw all week. I'm happy the picture included my Simms Paclite Jacket and my favorite faded Simms fishing hat. I love your products, which have outfitted me since the age of twelve."