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Catch of the Day Nodes

Wynoochie River Steelhead

I currently am on the Simm's pro staff because I run a charter boat off-shore of beautiful southeast Alaska during the summer months and spend the rest of the year in Bozeman, MT. I grew up steelhead fishing in Washington's western coast and am always excited to bring my drift boat out there every winter. Took some of my Montana buddies back to my home rivers in Washington so they could understand what it's like. This fish was the first morning on the Wynoochie river at one of my most consistent deep corner holes. We released this 14 lb chromer as well as 16 other steelhead over the course of three days. You really cant beat these waders and clothing weather you are hopping out of a drift boat to chase a big steelie or just trying to stay warm on some of Montana's premier trout rivers!
Mack Konigsfeld

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