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Catch of the Day Nodes

Wyoming Golden
Wyoming Golden

Justin Netzer from Carver, MN, holds this 23 inch golden trout caught in a high mountain wildreness lake
in Wyoming. Justin was
wearing the simms G3 Guide Jacket to keep him warm from the brisk morning
breeze and the Simms Trucker Cap to keep the sun of his face. "I want to
thank you for making such great products. I€'ve been using your waders,
jackets and shirts for quite some time now. I was a guide in Minnesota
and Wisconsin known as the Urbanbonefisher and guided people muskie,
steelhead, smallmouth, salmon and trout fishing. During the years of
guiding your clothing and products kept me warm and dry. I couldn’t have
been more pleased. Even a cold rainy day was a great day out on the