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Eliot Jenkins


Where I Guide:

New York


Bass - Striped, Bluefish, Salmon - Atlantic, Steelhead, Tuna - Bluefin, Tuna - Little Tunny, False Albacore



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Family Friendly?


Level of Angler Served


About Me

Captain Eliot Jenkins is a passionate and adept angler whose experience is vast and ever expanding. He grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, where fishing with his grandfather was always fun, but it wasn’t until he moved to Oregon that he became the fanatic that he is today. It was in Oregon that he learned the patience and the truly technical aspects of flyfishing for Steelhead and Salmon. Eliot was able to graduate from the University of Oregon when he wasn’t fishing, and also spent three years guiding in Iliamna, Alaska. Eliot is now back in New England with his wife Kate, where he owns and operates Greasy Beaks Flyfishing on the North Shore of Massachusetts. He runs trips for Stripers, Bluefish, and the notorious False Albacore out of his 23′ Parker. He is an avid fly-tyer and casting instructor who is always enthusiastic to teach and just as eager to learn. Eliot is very knowledgeable of the ecosystems in which he fishes, and has a high regard for the fish that live in them. Eliot has a penchant for adventure, which makes for a memorable trip no matter what.

My Fishing Philosophy

Barbless hooks! It is a tenet of Greasy Beaks to respect the fish and the environment by practicing a mainly catch and release lifestyle (although putting an occasional striper on the grill is not unthinkable!). A note on being family friendly: Greasy Beaks is all about family trips! Having come from a large family, Eliot knows the importance of enjoying time together, and what better way than a great day on the water? With that comes the patience that is needed to accommodate those who may not be “all about fishing”. Eliot has this patience and is well versed in how to entertain in any situation. He runs a kids fishing camp on his free days. All skill levels are accepted!

Waters Fished

• Cape Ann
• Cape Cod/Long Is Sound (Fall)
• Coastal Oregon
• Massachusetts Bay

My Perfect Guide Day

My perfect guide days are when I find common ground with my anglers right off the bat, whether it be music, movies, sports, or just more fishing talk. I like having people who are ‘into it’. When I experience this, I come home with more energy than when I left.

Other Interests

When Eliot is not fishing you can find him in the gym, on the hockey rink, playing golf… but mostly just biding his time until his next fishing trip. He has an eclectic taste in music, which was fostered by his days as a college radio DJ.

Recommended Retailers

Bear's Den

508-977-070034 Robert W Boyden Rd, Taunton, MA 02780RETAILER WEBSITE

First Light Anglers

978-948-700421 Main St, Rowley, MA, 01969RETAILER WEBSITE

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