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Tom Larimer


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About Me

Hear enough stories about Tom Larimer guiding clients into multiple fish during the highest sun of the day (typically, while other fly fishing guides are digesting lunch and waiting for shaded water), and it becomes apparent Larimer’s a traditional steelheader with little use for convention’s impracticalities. This no-nonsense approach has found considerable respect among the folks at Simms. Tom’s flies are designed to make fish eat. His rod/line systems make casting these heavier flies effortless. Above all, the fact Tom’s the only fly-fishing guide offering day trips via jet boat in the lower Deschutes canyon seems to further this unconventional notion. After 14 years of guiding the Great Lakes, Alaska and Oregon, Tom has settled in Hood River, Oregon. He works summers on the Deschutes and Klickitat, then moves to the winter rivers of the Sandy and Clackamas come January. In the rare case he’s not booked Tom’s probably fishing, just as any true steelheader would be.

My Fishing Philosophy

“Steelheading’s hard enough, you know? Swinging a fly to them shouldn’t be.” smiles Larimer.

Waters Fished

• Clackamas
• Deschutes
• Hood
• Klickitat
• Oregon North Coast
• Sandy

My Perfect Guide Day

I'm often asked by clients if it drives me crazy being on the water and not fishing. While our goal is to find fish, guiding steelhead isn't about my ability to catch's about my clients ability. In a strange way, I almost fish through my clients. I look at the folks in my boat as tools to catch fish. If the tool isn't working right, I need to go fix it. We fish as a team. Through this process, my clients become better anglers, and I get to feed my addiction. My philosophy is simple: process versus product. If you become good at the process, the product will come. Consequently, I love to guide people that like to learn. More so, guiding gives me a chance to share my passion for wild fish, wild rivers, and wild places. Passion is a contagious thing. The more passionate you are about something, the more people you will infect. My hope is every angler I influence will become another advocate for wild steelhead and the beautiful places they need to survive.

Other Interests

Fly Tying