You get one life, fish it well

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and hopeful. Now that we’ve had a few weeks of tying flies, prepping tackle, and reorganizing gear, much like you, we are more than ready to get back on the water. What a day it will be when we can greet our guide in the morning with a handshake or a hug. What a day it will be when we can crack a beer and hand it to our friend for the run back to the dock. What a day it will be when we can cross the river and hand the bug that’s working to our buddy.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has touched us all. Below are a few resources in support of the guide, fly shop and general angling community. Facing challenges is always tough, but let’s also keep in mind that all challenges become much easier when we come together. #fishon, #fishlocal



Adipose Boatworks, based in Helena, Montana, is raffling off a brand new driftboat package. All proceeds will be distributed back to the guides who row Adipose. Raffle tickets are $25 a piece or 5 for $100. You'll have to call Adipose at 406-992-1519 to place your order: Be patient - they're fielding a lot of calls. Or you can email and they'll call you when they're free. Raffle ends when social distancing ends...


Sight Line Provisions makes fishing-insipired, wearable art insipired by the outdoors. "Sight Line Provisions is inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers get when we are in our element; what we see in our 'Sight Line' is personal and most often what makes our time on the water or in the field special." Founder, Edgar Diaz. Sight Line Provisions is donating 50% of sales each weekday to a fly shop partner. You can view the whole collection at, and learn about their daily giveaway partner on Instagram, @sightlineprovisions


Sight Line ProvisionsSight Line Provisions


Cody Richardson makes the most awesome fish art from old license plates out of his shop in Colorado. He'll donate 30% of the proceeds from any piece you order to the guide of your choice. Find Cody as his website,, or Instagram, @codyrichardsonscreations


Cody Richardson License Plate ArtCody Richardson License Plate Art


#SAVETHESEASON is an industry-led initiative to provide relief for fishing guides affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

 "100% of funds donated to will go to support guides that rely on the fishing season to support their businesses, families, and livelihood. Our goal is to help guides and have 100% transparency for how the funds are allocated. We will handle distributions on a case-by-case basis with the goal of helping as many guides as possible but also allocating funds where they are needed most. Thanks for your support!"


Save The Season Fundraiser for GuidesSave The Season Fundraiser for Guides


Simms went into production this week on much needed medical gowns for the nearby Bozeman Health Medical Group. Simms’ Bozeman wader manufacturing facility has the capital resources, equipment and technical capabilities to help supply the increasing demand for such products.


As soon as the coronavirus pandemic began to escalate in the U.S., members from Simms’ leadership team partnered with Bozeman Health Group to identify opportunities for Simms to help. With many other local businesses and individuals already hard at work producing masks, Simms shifted its focus to design, develop, and begin manufacturing medical gowns for hospital personnel and staff.


Wader Makers make GownsWader Makers make Gowns

“It’s been absolutely amazing to see so many companies, small business owners and individuals rise to the occasion and pitch in to help our local community here in Bozeman,” said Fred Dennis, Simms Senior Director of Apparel Design and Development. “The gowns we are producing truly fall into our core-competency. We have the material, equipment and an expert team of sewers ready and willing to make the gowns.”


Simms’ product team completed an inventory of on-site fabric and identified a technical 3-layer waterproof, breathable material that meets the requirements agreed upon with hospital officials. With the fabric on hand, Simms was able to produce and deliver gowns to Bozeman Health Group the same week they began production. Simms anticipates additional demand for protective gowns from other medical providers and is actively communicating their capabilities in an effort to maximize their impact.


Simms is taking every precaution necessary to ensure a production environment that follows CDC guidelines in order to keep its staff safe. Sewing machines have been spaced farther apart, the factory is being thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis and tools and equipment are being disinfected between every shift.


Making PPE medical gownsMaking PPE medical gowns

“In order to combat the shortage of protective gowns, it is critical for our brand to play a part in assisting the American people during this difficult time,” said Casey Sheahan, Simms CEO. “It’s been so inspiring to see all the brands in the outdoor industry repurposing their facilities, equipment, and skills to help those in need. We are thrilled to deliver the first run of gowns to the Bozeman Health Group and hope our efforts of support can extend beyond our local community to help others around the entire country.”




These are the subtle moments that make fishing much more than just the pursuit of a fish. The fish we seek might be the vehicle that brings us together on the water but these are the moments that unite us as a community. What a day it will be when the tide finally turns for the better and we can all comfortably, safely, and responsibly resume pursuing a passion that gives our lives so much purpose.