Deschutes River Alliance

Conservation - Portland, OR

The Deschutes River Alliance is a science-based advocacy organization seeking collaborative solutions to basin-wide threats to the health of the Deschutes River and its tributaries. We advocate for water quality, a healthy ecosystem, and for the establishment and protection of robust populations of resident and anadromous fish throughout the river’s entire watershed.


  • Beginning in 2011, as the Lower Deschutes River Coalition (prior to becoming the DRA), conducted multiple meetings with Portland General Electric

  • September 2015, gathered the five conservation group signatories to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission license for the Pelton-Round Butte Complex

  • October 2015, conditions were imposed on the certification as a result of our appeals the Low Impact Hydropower Institute’s certification of the PRB Complex

  • August 2016. Filed a Clean Water Act lawsuit against PGE, in an attempt to enforce water quality requirements at the PRB Complex

  • 2017. Achieved legal victory for clean water advocates, affirming citizens’ right to enforce water quality requirements at hydroelectric projects.