A combination of thoughtful design, rugged materials and endless testing go into making the world’s highest quality waders. But what they really take is patience – as much patience as it takes to wait for that tug on the end of your line. Because great waders are never mass produced by machines. They are made one at a time by craftspeople – men and women in Bozeman, Montana who are anglers just like you.


While premium materials and closely guarded construction methods play a large role in the creation of our waders, it’s the people behind them that make them the best quality waders in the world. We call these folks the Wader Makers, and it’s their passion that can be found in every cut, seam and stitch of every wader that goes out the door. Because to these Bozeman, Montana makers, each wader is a piece of art. That’s why you’ll find their signature on each and every pair.


When some models require over 150 steps and pass through the hands of 20-plus Wader Makers, there are no shortcuts. Because quality can’t be mass produced. And that’s fine, because we aren’t in any hurry – anglers usually aren’t. We’re focused on precise crafting and waders that reflect the dedicated people who produce them. With every product we make, our goal at Simms is to put more feet in more rivers and keep them there longer. Because the more barriers we tear down between anglers and the waters they fish, the better.


Built to equip professional anglers with the tools they need to go out every day and perform by fusing the most durable materials available with fishing focused features. Custom sizing and options available. Shop Now


Workhorse waders built for workhorse anglers who demand premium fit, function, and the ability to perform in a variety of environments and conditions season after season. Available in women's stockingfoot chest waders. men's stockingfoot and bootfoot chest waders and wading pants. Customer sizing and options available. Shop Now


Handcrafted, feature rich waders that deliver top-notch performance in order to meet, and exceed the needs of entry- to expert-level anglers without breaking the bank. Available in men's stockingfoot chest waders. Shop Now


1. The finest materials, including waterproof GORE-TEX®, are selected for construction of Simms waders. 2. Size sets are received, patterns are drawn and cut by hand. 3. Belt loops, back labels, reinforcement panels and pockets are pressed on. 4. Body panels are sewn. 5. Seams are taped and patched at the end of every tape run and seam intersection. 6. Suspenders and gravel guards are attached. 7. Stockingfeet are cut, glued, assembled, taped inside and out, attached and signed by that Wader Maker. 8. Every wader is turned inside out, filled with water, proven leak free, then hung to dry. 9. The wader is now ready to be shipped. Simms' onsite Repair Center performs maintenance and repairs to keep you fishing.


There’s a reason Simms is located in Bozeman. Actually there are many – one of the biggest being the people or in our case, the anglers attracted to this area’s great rivers. Simms believes our waders reflect the heart and soul of those who make them. And for that reason, we want our Wader Makers to be more than expert makers. We also want them to be expert anglers who look at constructing waders as more than a job. It’s something they’re connected to and a passion they share with the people they’re creating them for. Because not only do they know what an angler needs in their gear, they’ve experienced firsthand the power fishing has to bring us all together.

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