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    Colorado Springs, CO
    Florissant, CO
    South Platte River
    Landon Mayer
         Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO, Landon Mayer grew up exploring and learning from the vast landscapes of the South Platte River and beyond. Upon reaching adulthood, he decided that fly fishing was to become more than a lifestyle, it would be a way of life, embarking on his nearly two decade journey as a fly fishing professional.
         Landon's angling success is fueled by an addiction to pursuing large trout with small fli
es and lightweight fly-fishing equipment. Mayer enthusiastically teaches and demonstrates his techniques and on-river knowledge to fellow anglers and has developed innovative strategies for sighting, hooking, and landing selective trout. He shares these tips and secrets in his books.
         Mayer has been guiding in Colorado full time on the South Platte River for the last 20 years, and one full season on the Nak Nek River in AK. He resides with his wife, Michelle, and their four children in Florissant, Colorado.


  • Book - 101 Trout Tips: A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics and Techniques

  • Book - Colorado's Best Fly FIshing

  • Book - Sight Fishing for Trout

  • Book - How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life

  • DVD - Landing the Trout of Your Life

  • DVD - Weapons of Bass Production

  • Contributing writer for Fly Fisherman Magazine

  • Contributing writer for High Country Angler Magazine

Landon Mayer's Gear

  • "They are tested tough on the water. Day in and day out it will not fail."

  • ProDry Fishing Bib

  • SolarFlex Guide Glove

  • G4Z Waders - Stockingfoot

  • ProDry Fishing Jacket

  • ColdWeather Shirt

  • Single Haul Cap