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Angler's Covey

Angler's Covey

Interview with David Leinweber, owner, Angler's Covey.

Angler's Covey is big on classes and learning...what is your most popular class offered at the shop? We have made a fundamental shift at Angler's Covey with a strategy of first getting folks to go fly fishing and then getting them to go more often. If we can get customers to fish more, then we will have more customers. So, our most popular class is a free fly fishing 101 class. We have added more than 400 customers a year through this class.

When does the fishing really heat up around Colorado Springs? We are really fortunate to have two major rivers, the Arkansas and South Platte, and the BWOs will start any day now. By the end of March we will have some great hatches. Actually I need to cut this short and get to the river!

What music would a visitor likely hear at Angler's Covey? We have a huge diversity among our staff and customers and the music they enjoy so we play a variety from Easy Jazz to Zydeco.

While you have a lot of fishing nearby, where are people traveling to fish?  This is a hard question because we have over 9,000 miles of fishable streams and over 2,000 lakes in Colorado, so leaving the state seems kind of pointless. But during the cold winter, some people enjoy walking on the hot sands of Belize, Los Roque's, or Christmas Island.

Does your shop support any conservation or other agencies? Well... We just finished a F3T film showing event and raised 17k for Project Healing Waters, we are hosting the first Trout in the Community program, an extension of Trout Unlimited Trout in the Classroom initiative, we support and help the Boy Scouts of America and their Fly Fishing Merit Badge, and have partnered with Palmer Land Trust to help them protect nearly 75,000 acres of farms and ranches, wildlife habitat, scenic corridors, and public open spaces. In short, yes.


  • Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Spawned: Kent Brekke opened Angler's Covey in 1981. I joined the team in 1996, bought the company, and opened our new building in 2005
  • Simms Dealer Since: We have been a dealer and supporter since the early 80's



Angler's Covey
295 South 21st Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: (719) 471-2984 or 1-800-FISHN