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Mossy's Fly Shop

Interview with Mike Brown, owner of Mossy's Fly Shop.

What would we find you doing most days in the winter in AK? Well most days in the winter you will find me sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee with a few customers talking about anything they got on their minds. Typically there is some sort of hockey game on the tv as well. We do a lot of fly tying classes and a one night a week tie in that is just for guys to sit around and tie flies, share ideas and have a good time. Fly tying is a big part of our business in the winter months after the holidays.

What's music are you likely to play in your shop? I try to play music that will best fit a wide range of people, nothing too hard and heavy and nothing overly to soft. Typically I will play music from Reel Grease an online flyfishing/music blog or the oldies station (funny how I don't think all those songs are that old though..LOL)

What's the number one reason people choose to shop at Mossy's? I believe service. Finding good service today can be a big challenge, I strive very hard to make my customers feel welcome and to help them with whatever they need.

What's your best selling fly? The Dolly Llama.




750 West Dimond Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99515