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Royal Treatment

Royal Treatment Fly Fishing

Interview with Joel La Follette, Royal Treatment Fly Fishing.

Why do people choose to come to Royal Treatment? It says " Welcome Home" on the front door and we mean it. Our customers are friends and we encourage them to make the shop a gathering place. The coffee is always hot and there are homemade cookies on Saturdays.

Does the shop have an event it is known for? Probably the Tyer's Table. We have free fly tying demonstrations on most Saturdays. Local tyers come in and share their favorite patterns or techniques. We're also working on turning out some fresh Fly Fishing Film makers with our Trailer Trash Thursday film contest. Look for that to be a regular feature here in the shop. And of course there are the cookies.

What's the profile of the typical Royal Treatment local? Have to say there is not a "typical" Royal Treatment patron... but most are Steelhead junkies and range from recovering politicians and the guys that work in those tall buildings downtown, to just your normal think about fly fishing every waking moment guy and gal. Mostly they are cookie lovers.

What is your staff likely doing on Sundays (their day off)? Trying to figure out where I'm fishing. I've become pretty good a spotting a tail and losing them. I find GPS tracking devices on my drift boat or Whaler all the time. Normally I just tape them to a big rig at the truck stop on the interstate and hope the guys show up for work on Tuesday. They usually find somewhere to fish.


  • Location: West Linn, OR. Just south of Portland, OR, on the banks of the mighty Willamette River.
  • Spawned: October 2010
  • Simms Dealer Since: August 2010. We had guys trying on waders in the living room while we were remodeling the shop space.
  • Simms Product Most Asked For: G3 Guide Stockingfoots and Lip Balm.
  • Where Are People Going Fishing: You name it. We specialize in helping people prepare for trips on our local rivers like the Clackamas, Sandy, Deschutes or coastal streams, to adventures around the globe. Right now we're all chasing winter chrome, but we have guys heading to Chile, Belize, Christmas Island, Los Roques and that island south of Key West....those wimps think it's too cold here. Personally, I think Los Roques isn't that warm and I just want to see if my guys can get through TSA without a boarding pass.



Royal Treatment Fly Fishing
21570 Willamette Drive
West Linn, OR 97068
(503) 850-4397