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The Fly Fishers Fly Shop

Interview with Pat Ehlers , The Fly Fishers Fly Shop.

What's the best or most well-known hatch (fishing frenzy) on your local waters? Here in Milwaukee our closest trout water is an hour away but we have some great salmon, steelhead and brown trout fishing within 10 minutes of the shop in the Milwaukee River and Menomonee River. The Milwaukee Harbor is full of these fish throughout the year and they can be caught on flies. We have caught browns over 20 pounds in the harbor. About 30 minutes south of Milwaukee a 41 lb. 5oz. brown was caught a couple of years ago by a troller. That fish tied the world record. That's a pretty cool fishery with one and a half million people in the area. The Milwaukee River is also a very good smallmouth river with over 40 miles of fishable water. We also have hundreds of lakes in the area with largemouth, smallmouth, muskies and pike as well.

Do you offer classes? or What's your most popular class? We offer tying, casting and fishing classes. Our most popular class is a one day trout school we do a couple of hours west of town in the Driftless Area of the state know for having a lot of spring creeks and some great trout fishing.

What's the best compliment you have received on your shop? Last year an advertising agency was doing some recon looking for a fishing shop to do a photo shoot for a national company's ad campaign. When the woman walked in she told me, "Oh my God, don't take this the wrong way but this place is way too nice for what we are looking for. I wanted something messier and a lot less classy for what we are doing". The fee they were willing to pay was a lot of money and I offered to mess the place up but she wouldn't bite.


What’s your best selling fly? That's tough to answer because we have such a variety of fishing here in the state and we do a lot of saltwater trips and outfitting that there's a number of them. For trout the Pink Squirrel is right up there, for both largemouth and smallmouth it's the Grim Reaper, for muskies Jared's Outlaw and Rag Head Crabs and Gotchas for the flats. We move a lot of Gorman's Bead Eggs and Conehead Alaskabous for steelhead too.


  • Location: Milwaukee, WI. We're about in the center of town, 10 minutes from downtown, and 10 minutes from the north, south and western suburbs.
  • Spawned: January of 1988. This is our 25th Anniversary and we are quite proud we've ben around that long.
  • Simms Dealer Since: About the time we opened. We go back to the Life-Link days when Simms was in Jackson, WY. It's been a long, fun and great relationship for us.
  • Simms Product Most Asked For: G3 Guide waders are meat and potato items for us and Solarflex shirts and Sling Packs are very popular too.
  • Where Are People Going Fishing: Right now most water is pretty hard around here. The anadromous streams are frozen for the most part but have opened periodically with a few warm spells. Our trout season is closed until March so we make the 3 hour run over to Iowa's Driftless Area because it's open year round. We have some great saltwater trips this winter that we host and they have filled up and we have lots of other anglers heading south on their own.



The Fly Fishers Fly Shop
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