2015 Angler of the Year, Aaron Martens Sets his Sights on the Classic and Looks to Continue his Hot Streak on Grand Lake.

Out of the entire Bassmaster Elite Series roster, Simms Pro, Aaron Martens has earned the reputation as being one of the hardest working anglers on tour. His approach is simple - eat right, stay in shape, and fish hard. Coming off the most dominating season in Bassmaster history, Martens' main objective is to continue his hot streak into the 2016 season - starting with the most prestigious event of the year, the Bassmaster Classic, hosted on Tulsa’s Grand Lake.

Gearing Up

Since claiming his 3rd Angler of the Year title at the close of the 2015 season, Martens hasn't exactly been taking it easy. Aside from spending as much time with his family as possible, the majority of his time has been occupied getting in optimal physical condition for the upcoming season. "Professional fishing is a high energy sport, even when fishing is slow." says Martens. "Spending all day, every day, on your feet, outside, in the elements takes a lot out of you. When I'm in shape, not only do I have more energy and endurance, on the mental side, I'm able to stay alert and keep sharp." Most professional anglers would agree, competitive bass fishing is 90 percent mental.

With the Classic rapidly approaching, the time has come to prep and for Martens, that’s when the mental challenge of the upcoming season begins. Getting your boat, rods, reels, line, baits, terminal tackle and rain gear tournament-ready may not sound like a daunting task, but for an angler as detailed oriented as Aaron Martens, gearing up for the season is a full time job. Martens' consciousness to the little things is perhaps his biggest advantage. Every thing he does, he does for good reason. Martens knows that success in fishing is all about capitalizing on small windows of opportunity and every wasted second could result in missing a winning bite. With the most successful season in history now behind him, Martens doesn't plan on changing any of his tactics or habits. His main goal is to keep the momentum going from 2015 and be the force the rest of the fleet has come to expect in the Classic.

When the Pressure Is On

When Simms last spoke to Martens, surprisingly, he wasn't in the middle of a set of pushups or on a grueling 5 mile trail run - he was in his true comfort zone - on the deck of his boat, fishing, on Grand Lake. Our questions were continuously interrupted with bites and hook-sets. Despite being on fish that particular day, Martens knows better. By the time the Classic roles around, Grand Lake will be a completely different body of water. "March is kind of a tricky time of year, but it's really my favorite time of year to fish." says Martens.

"During pre-spawn, fish are generally more aggressive, they're stronger and they are the healthiest they'll be until they start the process all over." Martens readily admits, Grand Lake is a challenging fishery but given his record from last year, it's no wonder he wouldn't have it any other way. When the pressure is on and conditions are tough, the 2015 AOY Champion will undoubtedly be the guy to watch come March.