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G4 PRO® Sling Pack

ITEM # PG-10853

A durable sling pack that stores all your gear and keeps it dry.

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When the search for the perfect bend in the river takes you far down the trail and across the water, bring a sling pack that can stash all your gear and take a beating. The G4 Pro® Sling is an over-the-shoulder pack with an interior lining that keeps your gear dry, even when you are chest deep in swift moving waters. A fold-down workbench and holder attachments give you plenty of room to work with your tools and flies. The shoulder strap is shaped to reduce stress on your back and keep you comfortable over long miles.



  • U‐shaped zippered opening for access to main compartment
  • Fold‐down workbench, with tippet tender and floatant/shake holder attach‐ments
  • Water‐resistant interior lining bag for deep wading
  • Magnetic tool ports for tool access & storage
  • Ergonomically designed shoulder strap for vertical carry


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Comfortable with a great layout but no where near dry after fishing in a a drizzle for a few hours

Gear junky, 10/3/2017

I really tried liking this pack! Its payout is close to being what I wanted with plenty of room for larger fly boxes and something that works as an all rounder for trout, Warm water and the salt. Sadly, after fishing in a drizzle for a few hours this thing wicked water throuought the pack and was wet inside. The one way zipper, when fully closed rides on top of the pack and doesnt have any sort of hood or lip over it so the water just creeps right through the zippers. I really liked the fit and comfort of this one comapred to other slings. The size is just about right too. The interior has some basic organization and offers a good mix of storage and practicality. After using it in a drizzle for a few hours I was suprised to find water creeping thoughout the pack inside.

(Posted on 10/3/2017)

Not my preference, poor ergonomics.

Forest, 9/20/2017

I learned the hard way that sling packs were not my preference through this pack. However, preferences aside, I don't think that this pack was designed well.


1. External tippet holder never once ripped off on me, even through heavy bushwacking. I enjoyed the ease of tippet dispensing.
2. Cinch straps are great for an extra rod tube, or perhaps a jacket.
3. The fabric is pretty good at repelling water. I was deep wading for about 10 minutes, and the submerged portion of the pack stayed relatively dry. I can imagine it would do well in a rainstorm.


1. The "workbench" on the front of the pack is too small, and lacks a fly patch. In line with the pay-to-play economy that we live in, the fly patch is an extra $10.
2. The floatant holster and tippet stack were nice touches, but they did not adhere well to the inside of the workbench, often coming off inside the bench.
3. The floatant holder was made for bigger dry shake bottles, not smaller Aquel type floatants.
4. When the main compartment is fully loaded, the workbench is barely visible when the pack is slung around front. It felt like having a huge gut, trying to tie anything on. Forget trying to find things in the workbench pockets without pushing your pack-gut out of the way.
5. The water bottle portion of the pack is a good idea, but a 1L Nalgene is very difficult to remove from this section. Nice touch to place it low in the pack to keep the center of gravity low, however.
6. The net holster would be nice, but when I place a Frabill trout net into the slot, it undoubtedly catches on branches and various other things. I imagine a smaller net would work, but I do not like the process of trying to re-holster the net after landing a fish. It is a pain.
7. Instead of using the net holster, I chose to go with a retractor attached to the net lanyard attachment point. This worked better, but every time I moved the pack to the front of my body to rig, the net would have to be readjusted to a different orientation.

As a function of sling packs, the main compartment has restraints placed on the maximum capacity. As such, I felt that this sling pack could really only carry a few fly boxes, a snack, some water, and various other tools. Generally, it carries the essentials, but nothing more. I once added an additional rod and a light jacket to the outside of the pack, and my shoulder was sore following the trip.

Though the fabric is a great idea, I would stay away from this pack in terms of ergonomics and ease of use.

(Posted on 9/20/2017)

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