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Step up your wet-wading regime in Simms' new go-anywhere Guard Socks, with built-in gravel guards and bolstered abrasion resistance.
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Step up your wet-wading regime in Simms' new go-anywhere Guard Socks, with built-in gravel guards and bolstered abrasion resistance. Features include an improved design for easy on/off use, added comfort via anatomically correct left and right stocking feet, and a precise fit that fills out wading boots thanks to generous 3.5mm neoprene construction.


  • Improved design allows for easier on/ off
  • Anatomically correct left/right stocking feet
  • 3.5mm neoprene fills out your wading boots
  • Abrasion resistant textured nylon jersey for durability & no-slip
  • Molded Boot hook tab
SIZES: S (7-8), M (8-10), L (10-12), XL (12-13)

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Reviews (13)

  1. If it isnt broken, don't fix it


    The old guard socks were perfect. Easy to get on and off, and they didn't have that fold seam which completely ruined the concept in my opinion. The old ones could be pulled up to wear as a guard against tall grass etc. when walking to a stream, and could be folded anywhere without any restrictions. I love Simms but these are just no good.

    [Response from Simms Customer Care Team]

    Dech, thank you for your honest review. If you have any questions about these guard socks please feel free to email us at
  2. Awesome Wading Socks


    These are fantastic! There is no need to wear a sock inside of them. Why would you? They will just get soaked anyway. These work like a wet suit. They allow water in which immediately warms up to your 98.6 body temp and isolates you 100% from the cold river water. These are essential if you also do long hikes and don't want to wear sweltering hot waders while still having the option to hit the river and cast at any time. I live in CO where the water is cold and these are perfect July through August (maybe even Sept).
  3. With a few tweaks these would be bomber.


    I love wet wading and wore holes in my other Simms Guard socks, which turned out to be a good thing to let water out. I'm not sure about these guys who aren't wet wading above their boots. How is that even possible? What about a few little circle air/water drains on the bottom of the booties?

  4. Great for wet wadding


    These socks are great for summer wet wadding. Bought a pair and used them all the time last summer. The one issue I have is that unlike a few of the other fishermen to post reviews, I have chicken legs. For me with a size 11.5 shoe, the ankle is too loose, which causes the inside to fill up with water making it tough to walk on land because the neoprene isn't permeable so the water doesn't drain out. I'd suggest either installing vents or using a permeable neoprene material like a wet suit.
  5. Too tight


    I concur with the first "too tight" review. My pair fits my feet just fine but is way too constricting on the lower leg/shin/calf area. I, too, believe that the older guard sock design is much better and way more comfortable.

    [Response from Simms Customer Care Team] - Thanks Altazor. We'll pass the info on to the product team.
  6. All I Need in the Summer


    I got these socks last summer and they were perfect for hot Montana days. They fit perfectly to my feet paired with Simms cotton wet wading socks (although I cannot imagine trying to shove big wool socks in these; that neoprene keeps my feet fine plenty warm). Even in the colder alpine streams, my feet were warm enough and I didn't even notice. I look forward to when I can hang up the waders for good again and put these on!
  7. Your Better Try Them on First!


    I bought the 10-12 size and they are WAY too tight and difficult to pull on over my size 10.5 feet with a thicker sock which is what I prefer to wear. The old version Guard Sock fit just fine. They are also very tight around the area above the ankle.

    I'm getting rid of them and selling them on eBay!
  8. These are fantastic! Perfect for wet wading!


    I wet wade a lot here in the Colorado Summer. I had been making do with heavy wool socks for my whole life. I just got sick and tired of dirt and small stuff getting in my boots so I poked around and found these. They fill up the boot and the guard keeps all of the junk out. Also they do keep your feet warmer like a wetsuit keeps your body warmer even though its wet. They go on and off easily too. I wish I got some of these years ago. Dont wait just get a pair and enjoy wet wading until it gets cold and then get the goretex Simms going again.
  9. Awesome!


    Bought the large (I'm size 10.5 normally) for wet wading and these are great...much like everything else from Simms. The hook to the boot doesn't really stay fastened throughout the morning/evening, but could be a user any event, it didn't impede anything so it didn't bother me a bit. I wear Rivertek Boa boots. Highest recommendation.
  10. Awesome!


    Wet waded today. Very comfortable and kept the junk out of my boots!
  11. Wet wading


    I ordered with hesitation because there are other brands. I wanted to wet wade when I first heard there's products for it. Do not think twice about these if your looking to wet wade. They kept my feet dry, I couldn't believe it, I was expecting to have wet socks and wet feet. On my second try with these I use wool socks and Simms boa boots,I waded past the tops of the gravel guards and then I had wet socks and feet. I did order the wet wading socks also, can't wait to try em. Comfort with these is outstanding. I ordered large for size 12 boot.
  12. Great fit for large feet


    I ordered a pair of size XL to go with the Freestone boots which are a size 16. The socks fit my big size 15 feet great.
  13. Perfect for large feet


    I ordered these socks with the purchase of size 16 Freestone boots. The XL size fit my big feet perfect.