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Simms ICE OUT Guide Event

The rumors are true: Hank Patterson at Ice out 2013

In this revolutionary, thought provoking and mind bending presentation, self-proclaimed fly fishing expert, genius and world class guide, Hank Patterson, shares his profound thoughts on how to be a better client. For centuries, guides have endured lazy, inept, complacent, sometimes douche-y clients whose expectations far exceed reason. Clients who expect their flies to be tied on by the guide, lunch to be served stream side, the boat to be rowed and to partake in the guide's own personal stash of ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon. In short, the fly fishing industries' focus on "how to be a better guide" has resulted in a client base expecting a day with their own personal river butler. If we truly care about the future of fly fishing and the overall client experience, then the time has come to liberate our guides and to re-focus our efforts on the clients themselves. Prepare to re-think everything you ever thought you knew about the client-guide relationship. Snap It! -Hank

Hank can be reached at

Simms ICE OUT Guide Event

Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup started his fly fishing career at the age of 13, tying flies for the local tackle shop, and began guiding at the age of 16. He owned and operated the Troutsman fly shop and guide service in Northern Michigan for 20 years. He sold the Troutsman and moved to Montana where he now owns and operates The Slide Inn lodge on the banks of the Madison River. Kelly is the author of two books: Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout and Cripples and Spinners, and has numerous DVD's on tying and fishing. He has over fifty nationally recognized fly patterns that are sold worldwide, and is also a line and rod designer for Scientific Anglers and St Croix rods. Kelly has been published in nearly every major fly fishing periodical in the country and is one of the Editors a large for Fly Fisherman magazine. Kelly was also the host of Fly Fish TV on the VS’s Network. Kelly is one of the most sought after speakers in the country and spends much of his winter months speaking for clubs and Sports shows. In 2003 Kelly received the living legend award from the FFF, and in 2007 the Charles E Brooks memorial life award.

Kelly can be reached at

Simms ICE OUT Guide Event

Dave and Emily Whitlock

Dave Whitlock pooled his talents in painting, illustrating, writing, photography, fly fishing and lecturing, resigned his position as a research chemist, and embarked on his career as a full-time professional in the arts of fly fishing. He’s written and illustrated many books, appeared in several videos and television programs and is known internationally for his innovative fly-tying designs, including the popular Dave’s Hopper. Dave’s experience and creative outlook on the whole spectrum of fly fishing has earned him the reputation of being one of the top professional fly fishers in the sport.

Emily first learned to fish when she was seven years old and began her lifelong love of the outdoors. Her degrees in botany and biology provided an ideal background for when she and Dave combined their talents in 1991. They are a unique fly fishing team who have lectured and fished across the U.S. and abroad and Emily is a true partner with Dave in all his creative work.

The Whitlocks live in the Ozark Mountains of Oklahoma next to a trout stream that Dave redesigned and that now holds big, trophy trout. They both continue to share the magic of fly fishing at their Whitlock Fly Fishing School near Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Dave and Emily can be reached at

Simms ICE OUT Guide Event

Landon Mayer

Landon Mayer is fly fishing guide in the Florissant, CO area, calling the South Platte River his home waters. He has been guiding on these waters for the past fifteen years, as well as one year in Alaska. He is sharing his techniques and secrets learned over the years in his books titled "Colorado's Best Fly Fishing", "Sight Fishing For Trout", "How To Catch The Biggest Trout Of Your Life", and his DVDs "Landing The Trout Of Your Life" and "Weapons Of Bass Production”. Landon is a contributing writer for High Country Angler, and Fly Fisherman Magazine and he has also been featured major publications such as, Fly Rod and Reel, American Angler, and Fish and Fly.

Landon can be reached at

Simms ICE OUT Guide Event

Art Hoffart

Art Hoffart started his insurance career 1981. Art moved to Bozeman, Montana in 1989 and began working with the Bissell Insurance Agency in 1993. Since assuming control of the Bissell Agency in 1997, Art has received top awards on an annual basis from both the state and national insurance carriers based on customer service and sales. Art has a deep appreciation for the outdoors spending much of his time hiking, hunting, fishing or skiing.

Art can be reached at

Bruce Richards

Bruce Richards has been a fly casting instructor since the early 70’s, now working mostly with those who want to become professional fly casting instructors. He and business partner Noel Perkins developed and sold the electronic casting analyzer. It is being converted to an i-Phone app which should be available in the fall.

Bruce wrote the book “Modern Fly Lines” for Lefty’s Little Library, and was chosen as Fly Rod & Reel Magazines “Angler of the Year” in 2006.


Noel Perkins

Noel met Bruce Richards in 2001 and together they conducted a series of research projects on the dynamics of fly casting. In so doing, they also developed novel technologies to measure and to define the fly casting stroke. Following a four-year effort, Noel and Bruce formed a company in 2005 called Cast Analysis, LLC ( which produces the world’s first fly casting analyzer. First offered by Sage to their specialty fly shops, the fly casting analyzer is now offered to fly casting enthusiasts and instructors worldwide.

Captain Andy Parker

Capt. Andy Parker is the owner of Spotted Tail Outdoors, a company that provides business solutions to the outdoor industry. Andy has spent time as a fishing guide in Florida, Wyoming, and Alaska and has established a career in the business world as a CPA. This unique blend of experience is put to work thru the company’s primary product, Spotted Tail RMS – a reservations management system built for guides and outfitters. Andy lives in Alabama and does most of his fishing in the coastal waters of the FL Panhandle.



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