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Largemouth Stainless Water Bottle

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A stainless steel, BPA free water bottle with a wide mouth to accept ice cubes - the perfect addition to your boat to stay hydrated on a warm day!


  • 304 Food-grade stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • Wide mouth to accept ice cubes
  • Single wall construction
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • 670ml (22.7oz) capacity
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Very Disappointed Review by Josh Wilkins

Josh Wilkins 9/16/2014

Simms has built a certain expectation of quality into their brand. People buy a Simms product and expect to get something well worth their money.

This product falls far short of that standard.

The product is a single walled stainless water bottle. It fits nicely in the water bottle pocket built into most packs. It holds a decent amount of fluid. But it doesn't keep things cold/warm at all. The bottle begins sweating within minutes, a sign energy is seeping past the bottle wall making your cold drink warm.

Simms does a great job with most of their products. But I'd stay away from this one. Definitely not up to the Simms standard. Frankly I don't see why Simms would obviously work so hard to build a quality brand only to tarnish that image by continuing to sell such a terrible product.

(Posted on 9/16/2014)

Love It Review by DB

DB 6/2/2013

I love this wide mouth bottle! Holds lots of beverage and I carry it with me daily!

(Posted on 6/2/2013)

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