redefining ‘better grip’. through proprioception.

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RiverTread and VaporTread

Humans have a natural, unconscious ability to keep the body oriented and balanced. When external forces come into play - a slippery river boulder or the rush of a strong current - the body has an immediate response to move in a way that will keep it upright. If the brain is allowed to gather the proper intel, staying upright will be easy to achieve without giving it much thought. This is called Proprioception.

For 2014, Simms wading boots feature footwear platforms that allow the transfer of this information better than any other boots on the market. The platform technologies, RiverTread™ and VaporTread™, utilize the science of proprioception to provide a wading surface underfoot that extends beyond the felt or rubber sole. And unlike stiff-soled wading boots, the RiverTread™ and VaporTread™ platforms shape to the terrain putting more rubber in contact with the river bottom, allowing the angler to better feel the changing terrain and enhancing proprioception. When fishing, this means you stay upright and balanced with less effort and ready for a full day on the water stalking the most elusive fish species.

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