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You get one life, fish it well


New, proprietary 2-layer Toray® waterproof breathable fabric technology keeps you on the water longer.

  1. SolarFlex SunGlove Rich Blue
    Simms Challenger Jacket
    $199.95 USD
  1. Challenger Bib - Hex Flo Camo Timber
    Simms Challenger Bib
    $199.95 USD
  1. womens-challenger-hex-flo-camo-admiral
    Women’s Simms Challenger Fishing Jacket
    $199.95 USD
  1. Womens Challenger Bib - Admiral Blue
    Women’s Simms Challenger Fishing Bib
    $199.95 USD


Kit with your Challenger suit for full protection.

  1. Rogue Hoody - Hex Flo Camo Carbon
    Rogue Fleece Hoody
    $99.95 USD
  1. Challenger Hoody - Full Zip - Hex Flo Camo Grey Blue
    Simms Challenger Hoody - Full Zip
    $79.95 USD
  1. SolarFlex SunGlove Dark Bronze
    Simms Challenger Hoody
    $69.95 USD