The Simms Warranty: If your SIMMS product fails due to a defect in workmanship or materials, SIMMS will repair or replace your gear and get you back on the water as soon as possible. If your SIMMS product fails due to excessive wear, accidents involving barbed wire or campfires, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time, SIMMS will make every effort to repair your gear for a reasonable fee. Read more...
If you feel that your Simms product needs to be evaluated for a repair or warranty issue, please fill out the form below. Attaching photos may also help our Repair Technicians in the evaluation process.
Defective or damaged products must be returned to SIMMS for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Once we have completed our evaluation, we will contact you. If we are unable to reach you directly, we will leave a voice message and/or send an email. Item(s) will be considered abandoned and returned after 60 days from the last contact with you.
Please make sure your items are clean and dry. Simms will return your product if it is not fit for repair. Make sure to remove all personal items and accessories.
SIMMS is not responsible for lost items. Please empty all pockets and remove any accessories such as fly boxes, retractors, belts, cleats, or fly patches.
International returns or warranty: Simms Fishing Products has distributors across the globe. If you encounter an issue with product purchased outside the US or Canada, please consult the dealer where your product was originally purchased.
Please note, it is REQUIRED to have a Repairs Case Number, prior to shipment to SIMMS, please ensure your package has your Case Number clearly written on the outside of the box, and we recommend insuring your package and obtaining a tracking number. To create a Repairs Case Number, please begin your return by filling out the form below.
If you have any further questions call us at 1-888-585-3570 during our business hours Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm, MST.

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Field repairs of pinhole leaks can be quite effective by locating and marking the leak and using a sealant like Aquaseal®. Our process here in Bozeman is pretty similar although we have custom built testing equipment to ensure that the leak is sealed - you'll have to wade back in and test it! The process is a bit different for GORE-TEX® and non-gore waders.

GORE-TEX WADERS: The video below covers pinhole leak discovery and repair using isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol makes locating leaks pretty easy.
NON-GORE WADERS: You'll still use Aquaseal or an equivalent to seal the leak. To locate leaks, turn the wader inside out, fill it with water and mark the pinholes you spot. Alternatively you can hold air in the wader legs like a balloon, immerse in water and look for bubbles to find the pinholes.