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Simms Shoot Out Film Competiton - Selected Filmmaker

Beattie Outdoor Productions | Kingdom Pictures | RC Cone | Montana Wild

BIO: At Beattie Outdoor Productions we specialize in creating exceptional outdoor media. RA Beattie started Beattie Outdoor Productions (BOP) after graduating from the University of Puget Sound in 2005. A fly fishing guide in the mountains of Colorado throughout high school and college, Beattie has combined his passion for fly fishing and photography to create numerous short films about the fly fishing lifestyle. Over the years, BOP has been fortunate enough to shoot photography on every continent including Antarctica. As of late, the company has expanded its focus to include media production outside of the fly fishing industry.

Like most anglers, we spend every waking moment thinking about fish, not to mention the sleeping moments, as well as the gaps of time in between. The only difference is that most anglers are solely contemplating how to catch fish. We are thinking about how to catch fish, of course, but we are also consumed with how to subsequently document the process in a beautifully unique and soulful way.

Winner of First Place at the 2011 Simms Shoot Out Film Competition.

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