HardBite™ Star Cleat (100-Bulk)

ITEM # PG-10700

Carbide boot cleats for solid footing on variable river bottoms in Vibram® soled boots.

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With the current pushing against your legs and your eyes on the river, you need to be able to trust your feet. The more solid your footing, the more you can relax and enjoy being in the river. Our HardBite™ Star Cleats work directly with our Vibram® rubber soles for traction you can trust on varied river bottoms and mossy rocks. Durable carbide chips help steady your stance as you move across the unseen river bottom.



  • Designed to fit pre‐defined cleat locations on Vibram® rubber outsoles featured on Simms



  • Vibram® invests heavily in research and development of products never overlooking even the most minute detail. Inspired by free climbing rubber, Vibram Idrogrip is ideal on wet surfaces and improves grip on slippery terrain. Vibram Megagrip offers the ideal combination of grip and durability for maximum surface adaptability.

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Most Durable I have found

RustyRat, 11/13/2014

Started experimenting years ago with Korked wading sandals and felt boots with itty-bitty studs poking out. Recently found these and added them to my rubber soled Simms boots and they are great. I mixed these with the individual carbide studs and with the sure bite and low profile, they are incredible. There are a few streams (ex: N Branch Potomac) with wicked rocks and these are perfect for that environment. the low profile is important as it does not throw your balance off. Runs in easily with a driver/drill and you can uninstall them and re-use if not needed all the time. They slip in the recess in the Vibram sole.

(Posted on 11/13/2014)

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