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Stay connected Keep your wading staff secure and at the ready, with this bomber retractor built with a braided Spectra cable. Featuring an ample three feet of reach, Retractors conveniently connect to both wading staff straps and sheaths.


  • Braided Spectra cable is extremely strong
  • Extends up to 3 feet
  • Connects to both Wading Staff strap and sheath
  • Fits both Simms Wading Staff models
DIMENSIONS:: 4.5” x 2”


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only works with simms wading staff Review by colter55

colter55 3/19/2016

My wife bought this for me and if you don't have a Simms wading staff this won't work. Simms, you need to add the male end of the clip to the retractor so it can be used with other wading staffs. I have tons of Simms products and love most all of them, but your wading staffs aren't as sturdy as others on the market, but I would like to use this retractor with my staff. Will look for the male end at a sewing store or return the retractor. Could be a sale lost for Simms which doesn't make sense to me.

[Simms Pro Desk]
Thank you for your honest review, Colter55. We appreciate you passing along ways that you feel we can improve our products, and we will pass this feedback along to our design team.

(Posted on 3/19/2016)

Poor quality Review by Jim

Jim 3/23/2015

First day out today with new wading staff and this retractor. Cord came out ten minutes on the stream. Will this be covered on warranty?

(Posted on 3/23/2015)

wading Staff Retractor Review by swattinsalmon

swattinsalmon 10/1/2014

I had purchased a Simms Collapsible Wading Staff for a remote trip in Idaho. I thought this retractor might be a good idea for my wading belt to hold the staff while hiking. Boy, a good thing I purchased it. The hiking allowed hands-free walking without the concern of misplacing my Wading Staff. I purchased two and have adapted the second for my net handle off my Simms "Bandolier" pack.

(Posted on 10/1/2014)

Mandatory Review by Dan D

Dan D 8/14/2014

This is mandatory if you are going to have one of these wading staffs. I have the prior version of these two new staffs shown. I note that this retractor "fits conveniently to sheath and staff". I also note that it is conveniently not included in the purchase of the staff like it was three years ago.... In any event, you have to have it, and it works great.

(Posted on 8/14/2014)

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