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Slick Jacket

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When rainfall powerwashes the Pacific Northwest, find returns of ocean-bright steelhead and seek fortress-like shelter in Simms' new Slick Jacket.

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Men's Outerwear Top Size Chart

Men's Sizes Chest* Neck*Sleeve*
S 36" - 38" 14.5" - 15" 33" - 34"
M 39" - 41" 15.5" - 16" 34" - 35"
L 42" - 45" 16.5" - 17" 35" - 36"
XL 46" - 48" 17.5" - 18" 36" - 37"
XXL 49" - 51" 18.5" - 19" 37" - 38"

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When rainfall powerwashes the Pacific Northwest, find returns of ocean-bright steelhead and seek fortress-like shelter in Simms' new Slick Jacket. Propelled by GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric, with stretch, the Slick flows with your body for superior mobility, while the ultraclean outside-in design delivers snag-free performance from hood to bottom hem. Features include ample storage via large integrated chest pockets for fly boxes and tip-wallets, coupled with internal organization for river mainstays such as sunglasses, tippets, and leaders. Watertight, adjustable cuffs and a dual draw-cord waist keep the dank out, while plush hand warmer pockets with interior pass-thru zips allow you to access waders lying within, without breeching your external bulwark.



  • 2 large chest pockets capable of storing a "6-pack" of fly boxes with internal organization
  • 1 interior chest pocket with magnetic closure
  • 2 large hand warmer pockets with YKK® VT9 AQUAGUARD® VISLON® ultra water-resistant zips and interior pass-thru zips for access to inside of jacket
  • Watertight adjustable cuffs & dual draw-cord adjustable bottom hem
  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric; 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane; 100% Nylon backer interior
  • Approximate weight 27 oz./ 765 g
  • S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Read more about the Slick Jacket on our Wading Room blog



  • GORE-TEX® outerwear is waterproof, exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort. Constructed with a woven backer, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell garments slide easily over other layers and offer exceptional tear strength and internal abrasion-resistance.

  • The AquaGuard® VISLON® zipper is a revolutionary new design from the global leader in containment closures. The AquaGuard® VISLON® zipper's new tooth design provides enhanced fluid repellency vs. coil or standard individual element closures, while increasing the number of design and color options for your application.

GORE-TEX® Outerwear Care:

Cleaning your GORE-TEX® garments regularly will extend the life of the product. It will also keep them breathable as dirt and oil can clog the GORE-TEX® membrane over time.

It is critical to wash jackets. Natural oils can damage the GORE-TEX® tape and adhesives causing a peeling effect.

Machine wash warm. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Remember to zip all pockets and close all Velcro cuffs before washing to prevent any damage caused by the machine.

Tumble dry on warm setting making sure not to use a high heat setting. Drying on warm will actually reactivate the DWR coating.

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Customer rating

Men's Outerwear Top Size Chart

Men's Sizes Chest* Neck*Sleeve*
S 36" - 38" 14.5" - 15" 33" - 34"
M 39" - 41" 15.5" - 16" 34" - 35"
L 42" - 45" 16.5" - 17" 35" - 36"
XL 46" - 48" 17.5" - 18" 36" - 37"
XXL 49" - 51" 18.5" - 19" 37" - 38"

* These are body measurements


Too tight in the armpits

Che, 11/5/2017

I'm 5,11 200lb and have a 45 chest. I have the large jacket.
Amazing storage with little bulk. Wrist gussets are totally waterproof so you can grab fish and not have cold wet writs. I thought this was the perfect jacket but.... The fit in the armpits is so tight that after an hour spey casting and / or rowing its so uncomfortable you will want to take it off. I really don't understand the cut at all. Why make a fishing jacket tight in this area? Buy the XL you say... the size jumps incredibly, sleeves are 4in too long and it's generally huge.

(Posted on 11/5/2017)

Just about the most perfect wading jacket ever put together

steelcranium, 8/4/2016

Gore Tex Pro fabric with one way stretch is a godsend - no more binding up during casts, esp. with a pack or sling over your shoulder. The extra bit of movement allows this piece to actually "fit" you without looking like a dumba$$ from Duck Dynasty or some "sponsored" Simms guy with pockets and gizmos hanging all over the darned place!

Can you tell I am esctatic that they designed a jacket without all this crap? Damn straight!

The large inner pockets are designed well, and located in a very "slick" manner: accessed from a thin flap on either side of the main zipper - as opposed to a "bellowed" pocket that's sewn onto the jacket. These are built on from the inside. You can easily hold a Cliff's Bugger Barn in each pocket, plus another 6" of room on the upper section for more. There are small dividers built in and you can use them or not. It's ridiculous how much they can hold.

I disagree with a few comments from a guide about this jacket, and I think my suggestions would improve this excellent piece. 1) Zippers. The main zipper is spec'd well. It's probably a size 5-7 and should take years of abuse. The inner pockets are YKK "Aquaguard" water resistant zippers. These are #5's and the slider is too bulky. It makes the slick pocket flap on the outside bulge outward because the zipper slider is so big. These could easily be #3 or 4 zippers to reduce bulk and weight - something that is always welcome - without reducing durability. All zippers will get "brittle," but a drop of silicone lubricant in any zipper will help them last forever. Reducing these two would stream line the jacket and a smaller zipper wouldn't have any shorter lifespan than a larger one.
1) No back panel pocket... hurray! It's not necessary. More pockets means more stuff. If you're in a boat, what do you need 17 pockets in your jacket for? Most bankie's carry a sling, waist or backpack. Put the bulky items in there.

The recessed cuff design is excellent. I don't like the older Simms jackets or others that simply put a strap at the bottom of the cuff: line and other stuff gets caught on them all the time. Not only does this new recessed design make the jacket look well-fitted, they eliminate line and net snagging on any exposed hook and loop or Fastex buckle, becuase there isn't any :)

The hood is one of the best around. Patagonia designs a great hood as well. The Simms hood is right up there as well. Lots' of adjustability, size, and it sits correctly with a cap or beanie on.

Improvements: in addition to the zippers mentioned above, change the location of the accessory inner pocket so that it can be made slightly larger. Downsize zipper.

Main pocket zippers. The location is great. The pass-through feature excellent. Just use the Aquaguard zippers here too in a #4, not the large 5-7.

Picking on the zipper specs is just that - a bit picky. But it would make an almost perfect jacket just that as well!

Overall, this is absolutely the finest fishing jacket for anyone looking for something simple (it's got more bells and whstles than it looks ;), or who loathe the plethora of over-pocketed, gadget-loaded dorky tech-looking jackets out there. It's 5-hundo, but it it the best damn 5-spot you'll spend on a wading jacket.

(Posted on 8/4/2016)

Good but could be improved

David, 9/15/2015

The jacket performs as advertised but I find the somewhat high location of the side pockets awkward and the interior pocket is too small for a phone.

(Posted on 9/15/2015)

Best fishing jacket yet

FLYH2O, 4/14/2015

The only thing I don't like is the high cost. That said I lost my Black Slick Jacket on a very , very remote steelhead trip last week. It must have blown out of the jet sled and we never found it.

Love the clean look and feel. The high collar works well for cold Canadian steelhead rivers. The pockets are the best and must be tried with a fill load of fly boxes and leaders to understand just how good these are.

The pass through pockets for cold , wet , windy days on the river is such a nice touch and I wish I had them 20 years ago.

The hood works well for me and I don't have an issue with its size. It fits my cap well and stays seated even when running full out down river. You can step out of the river and roll the hood away in the collar and go to dinner in this jacket and nobody would ever guess it's a Steelheaders jacket.

I am a fan of the slick sleeve and never buy any jacket that doesn't include these.

I tell every fishing buddy and the other guides I work with to do them selves a favour and buy a Slick Jacket. If you fish hard and live in your gear this jacket is the only jacket to own.

Wear in the boat and wear it to dinner with the wife. She'll never complain that you look like a redneck in a fishing jacket.

(Posted on 4/14/2015)

No Nonsense

McinMT, 3/1/2015

As a guide, I need to be able to jump in and out of the boat without thinking twice and without getting caught up. I like this jacket because of the clean no-nonsense exterior. The internal pockets are large enough to permanently stow a pair of gloves and wool hat, however I do wish that there was a pocket on the backside of the jacket for stowing these items. The material is bomber and I expect it to last several seasons of hard guiding abuse. I also appreciate the durability of the oversized zipper (I personally dislike how may manufacturers put dainty "water resistant" zippers on to save weight because ultimately they become brittle and fail). I've worn this jacket all day in sleeting conditions in complete comfort.

(Posted on 3/1/2015)

Excellent Jacket.

NWflyfisher, 11/20/2014

The simple and well thought out features of this jacket are impressive. The level of construction and material is excellent.
I love the tailored fit. Plenty of room for layering, and yet no excess material bulk. I am 6'2", 185lbs and wear a size large. The arms are plenty long enough.
The longer overall cut is also nice in my opinion. The jacket could fit in anywhere - it doesn't look like a fishing jacket, except for the Simms branding. It could be a top notch ski or snowboard jacket with the addition of a powder belt.
My only comment for improvement would be to enlarge the hood slightly. I find it just a touch short in comparison to the otherwise very well tailored jacket. Not a big issue for me, but worthy of mention.

(Posted on 11/20/2014)

What an outstanding rain jacket!

JB, 11/14/2014

I just recently moved back to Montana from the Midwest. I never had many opportunities for fly fishing while living in Minnesota so most of my gear had become rather old and outdated. One of the first things I went looking for was a new rain jacket to where out on the river. While I was doing research I came across the Simms Slick Jacket and was impressed with the reviews. 100% waterproof, wind proof, excellent breathability and so on. I figured what the heck. I always liked Simms products and had used many of them in the past. I purchased a Slick Jacket and almost immediately put it through it's paces in Yellowstone National Park. The weather was terrible. Torrential downpours, cool, and high winds. I managed to fish for about three hours before calling it quits for the day to go and do a little sight seeing with my wife. It didn't stop raining for the entire time! Throughout the day I stayed dry and warm and never had a single leak in any of the seams or zippers on this jacket. The hood performed flawlessly and shed the rain with ease. Even when it was raining so hard I had to turn my back to the downpour and fish downstream for awhile.

After I gave up on the fishing, I wore the Slick Jacket while sightseeing around the park. I hiked around the geyser basin and a few other park attractions and I stayed cool and dry even though I'm certain I would have started to sweat had I been wearing a jacket with a less breathable fabric. To top things off, my wife even commented that for one of the few times in our long happy marriage she didn't mind me wearing one of my fishing jackets out in a (non fishing) public place because the jacket actually looked nice. That's a bonus to owning the Slick Jacket. It's actually kind of stylish!

Thanks Simms for another great product!

(Posted on 11/14/2014)

Excellent design & function

Double Double, 11/6/2014

The clean lines reduce the hassle of wearing a hydrostatic PFD; which I do for 10-12 hours a day when guiding. The wrist closure system keeps my forearms dry (finally). The collar/hood combo keeps the rain out when operating a boat in the rain. The internal pockets are enough to carry the necessities plus. And all that with Simms quality! If it ever wears out I'll be back for another.

(Posted on 11/6/2014)

Best jacket, Built to last!

Salvatore, 9/18/2014

So you want the best? This is it. No question, this is the best, most waterproof, most breathable jacket out there. As a gear tester for GORE, I have been in some of the harshest conditions out there, and made it out thanks to my gear! This jacket may seem like it has no frills, but i will tell you it is LOADED with features! The reach through pockets came in handy every day! I can reach into my jacket pocket, and unzip the zipper with one hand so i can access my wader pocket, or insulated wader hand pouch on a cold day. The sizing allowing for layering during the brittle cold months, the roll away hood stays neatly tucked out of the way until you need it. And when its on, it stays out of your peripheral vision, and keeps your head warm, and dry of course. I wear this to work when it rains, because it just looks like a really nice rain jacket due to its plain front. But all the features you will need for fishing are tucked away in the zippered front pockets! Sunglasses pocket with magnetic closure, with a microfiber cloth included ! It has come in handy more than i thought it would! HUGE pockets capable of holding all the fly boxes, leaders, tools, and food you will need for a whole day on the water! Who needs a vest when you're wearing this? Attachment for a net on the back of the jacket comes in handy too. Don't forget the insulated, fleece lined hand pockets, and safety pocket inside the jacket for keys, phone, etc. Buy this, you won't need another, it will outlast your days on the water.

(Posted on 9/18/2014)


GP, 6/25/2014

Cold and windy up in the mountains here in Norway last weekend. The slick jacket was just what I needed. Awesome... A bunch of other simms clothes as layering too of course..

(Posted on 6/25/2014)

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