Dry Creek Backpack

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Flood-proof packs built for pressure-washer conditions

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Flood-proof packs built for pressure-washer conditions Plot coastal missions through ripening rainclouds and storm class IV canyons that guarantee a gear dunking, with Simms' new lightweight, fully submersible Dry Creek™ Backpack. Powered by rugged ripstop and oxford fabrics, with double-sided TPU coatings, the pack features waterproof roll-top safekeeping for a swath of stay-dry fishing essentials. Reach inside, where stretch-mesh pockets cut down clutter. Source extra storage and strap-in security via external lash points. And stay hydrated during the long-haul, with convenient exterior stretch mesh water bottle pockets. High loft, closed-cell foam back panels and a non-absorbent cushioned waistband and shoulder harness system enhance comfort, while the front wet-storage compartment includes laser-cut porting for quick drainage.



  • Highly durable and fully waterproof TPU coated fabrics with a submersible roll-top closure
  • High loft, closed-cell foam back panel, waistband and shoulder harness system is non-water absorbent and fully cushioned
  • Front wet storage compartment includes laser-cut holes for quick drainage
  • Exterior stretch mesh water bottle pockets and interior stretch mesh organizational pockets
FABRIC TECH: Waterproof TPU coated fabrics
CAPACITY: 36 L, 2196.85 cu. in.
DIMENSIONS: 17.5" x 7.5" x 32"


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Great idea but the design is full of flaws

Norway Calling, 8/10/2015

I bought this backpack after 4 years of usage of the previous model. Honestly? Not only the shortcomings of the previous version were not fixed but an array of new problems have been added.
1 - the harness strap on the backpack tore apart after 3 (!) days of usage. I was 2 days out in the wild country - believe me walking back with a broken backpack in the mountains is no fun.
2 - locks - Why did you change them to the 1 sided design? It is annoying as hell and limits the flexibility of the bag.
3 - "pocket" in front. Why do you set a waterproof zip lock in front of the pocket if the pocket itself has a series of holes (because of the nice visual effect?). It makes the pocket useless and weakens the structure. The quick dry argument doses not really seem to make sense.
4- last time the bottom of the pack fell off. Did you improve this ? Not really. The bottom seems to be the weakest part of the backpack, welded underneath?
I have been using Simms products since the early ninetieth and this is by far the weakest product under that brand.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team]
1. I’m sorry to hear of the issue with your Dry Creek Pack. Failure in the harness strap should not occur after such minimal usage – we are happy to review this bag at our Warranty and Repair Center in Bozeman and repair the harness on the bag
2. Can you elaborate on the locks?
3. The front pocket is a wet storage pocket which allows you to store wet gear like a rain jacket rather than getting your gear inside of the main compartment wet
4. In order for a backpack built with TPU coated fabric to be waterproof, it must be built with a welded construction. We’ve beefed up the durability of this TPU coated fabric and have increased the strength of our welds for increased longevity of the bag.

(Posted on 8/10/2015)

Could be great

Litespeed, 7/19/2015

This pack is close to awesome, but unfortunately misses on a few key details that really detract. I love the construction and design, and as an angler am pleased with its storm proof construction and ability to fit my gear. As a backpacker the gear falls short on a number of fronts. I'm 6'0" and at size Large the waistband rides way too high. Worst part, can't even adjust it as it's built in. The pockets can't fit your standard size Nalgene. Also, Simms should have a rod tube sleeve or fixture built in for easy transport, as the point of having a beefy pack like this is to hike somewhere and then fish. Oh and the vented pouch on the exterior meant to stash wet boots and waders couldn't fit my iPad when fully packed. And finally, those dang clips on the roll top closures. Incredibly annoying they only fasten in one way. Bottom line, this pack feels like a prototype of better things to come.

[Response from Simms Customer Care Team] - Thanks Litespeed. We've passed your suggestions on to the product team.

(Posted on 7/19/2015)

Great Dry Pack

Woods and Water, 5/8/2015

I have used this pack a lot while steelhead fishing but I primarily purchased it because I work in fisheries research. We work in remote locations, under extreme condition and this pack holds up. Whether I'm hiking through a stream in the rain or floating down a river in my dry suit during winter my gear stays dry. And when I have time off this pack holds all my gear for a full day of fly fishing. The front zipper pocket is great for holding fly boxes, tippet and other equipment so you don't have to open the pack and dig through gear just to change your fly.

(Posted on 5/8/2015)

Good Good Good

Benjamin, 5/7/2015

I like this pack a lot. It is simple and serves its purpose. I have been hitting the water a bunch and the Spring rains have been unpredictable. Whether on a boat, kayaks, or the banks, this bag does what it is supposed to.

All gear in the interior stays dry, the bag's roll top feature makes for adjustable fitting and sizing of the storage compartment.

I reluctantly give it 4 stars instead of 5 only for the reason that it may not be an everyday pack as the roll top can be tricky to get right. However, once you get the feel for it, it is actually easier than a zipper.

(Posted on 5/7/2015)

Great But...

Canadian fisher , 2/8/2015

Great pack. Works as advertised. You could submerge it and your gear would stay dry. My issues with the bag a small ones. I think that the "water bottle" pockets could be larger as a standard water bottle won't fit in them.THe pockets currently are better suited as rod tube holders. Also the roll top closure straps should have the ability to close in either position it's a little annoying that they only close one way.

(Posted on 2/8/2015)

Concord Outfitters

GaryRN, 7/26/2014

Perfect bag for use on my Hobie kayak. Fully packed with all my fishing, nutrition, hydration and emergency gear. This most comfortable backpack keeps my hands free while I haul my kayak and rods down to the water. Once at the water's edge, it lashes easily beneath my bungee. Waves coming over the top or an unexpected rain storm are no problem as it is totally waterproof even if I dump my yak. Many thanks to Andy at Concord Outfitters for carrying this great Simms product.

(Posted on 7/26/2014)

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