Women's & Men's Waders


The fishing wader of choice for guides all over the world, SIMMS waders include waterproof, breathable, durable GORE-TEX, Toray, and Polyester options, solid and camo patterns, and both stocking-foot and boot-foot wader designs. If you're in need of a solid, dependable, and long-lasting pair of chest or hip height waders, SIMMS has you covered. Guarantee? The best: 60-day “no questions asked” replacement for leaks and 365-day leak repairs on us - plus full workmanship and materials coverage. For both salt- or fresh-water fly fishing, waders from SIMMS perform. Simms Fishing waders come in the largest range of sizes in the industry. Check out our tips for determining your wader size. Plus we can accommodate any size via our custom wader program: Call 1-888.585.3570 to learn about custom options like foot sizing and relief zips. A tip for newbies: breathable waders perform best when worn with breathable layers underneath. Clean, dry and drain to protect against aquatic invasives, maintain wader breathability and enhance longevity.