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S.O.S. - Save Our Streams

We’re a country of rivers and streams. Lewis and Clark discovered this as they made their way westward. And it remains apparent today to anyone who stares out an airplane window.

As anglers, we have a special appreciation of, and a personal relationship with, these iconic rivers. We also have a great sense of concern. That’s because many of these rivers are threatened by mining, pollution, closure and more.

Thankfully, there’s a way for all of us to help through Save Our Streams (S.O.S.). It’s a SIMMS program that raises awareness of – and gives back to – these waterways. Part of this program is a series of limited-edition S.O.S. tee-shirts. Each one is designed for a much-loved American river. SIMMS supports organizations working to protect and preserve these rivers for all of us to enjoy.

Healthy rivers not only are vital for thriving fisheries and great angling opportunities, but they also sustain diverse wildlife, contribute billions of dollars annually to our outdoor recreation economy, and they’re the main source of drinking water for two-thirds of Americans. In short, we can’t live without them.

This Month's Tee: Bristol Bay:

Imagine peering out the window of a float-plane and getting a bird’s eye view of rolling tundra dotted with herds of caribou, and cut by miles upon miles of wild, free-flowing rivers stained red with sockeye salmon — all encased by towering snow capped mountains. The region is Southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

Despite it’s remote location and only being accessible by plane, Bristol Bay supports a thriving sport fishing community. Whether it’s to chase all five species of Pacific salmon, to skate mouse patterns for giant rainbow trout, drift dry flies for grayling, or all of the above, Bristol Bay is without question, an angler’s paradise – an angler’s paradise that faces the threat of one of the world’s largest open pit mines being erected right in the heart of this vast landscape. Help protect Bristol Bay through #saveourstreams.

The Organization:

The Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska serves to inform and engage anglers and hunters, groups to which they belong, companies that sell fishing and hunting gear, lodges and outfitters, and the outdoor media in campaigns to ensure that Alaska remains a world-class sporting destination for generations to come.

About the Artist:

Apayo Moore is a Yup'ik artist from Bristol Bay. She has generational ties to the commercial fishing industry and ancestral lineage harvesting subsistence salmon. She works primarily with acrylic paints and her colorful artwork is dense in native values, illustrating her people's love for wild places. The last decade has influenced her style greatly and much of her inspiration to create has been pulled from the regions fight against, the Pebble Mine Project. Her main artistic goal has been to share a piece of the Yupik way of life that many only dream of living, in hopes that her paintings connect with and inspire others to lend a hand in the fight against Pebble, inevitably making history in protecting the world’s largest wild salmon run. She now resides in Aleknagik, AK with her two children, enjoying the lifestyle and adventurous struggle of Bush Alaska.


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