G3 Guide™ Pant

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From headwater boulder bouncing to casting from drift-boat decks—when the deep wade is a non-essential element, put a premium on comfort and slip into Simms’ G3 Guide Pants. Pant advantages start with 25-percent more breathable 5-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric, intuitively tailored to bolster mobility, breathability, and durability where it matters most. Patented front and back leg seams deliver an articulated fit for enhanced comfort and durability, while the new waistband construction features integrated loops housing a 2-inch elastic belt and accented with a Simms Trout buckle. Stash keys and wallets in the water-resistant zippered right hand pocket and seek convenient anytime-anywhere relief via a YKK® AQUASEAL® waterproof fly.


  • NEW waistband construction with integrated belt loops & high-quality 2” elastic belt featuring Simms Trout buckle
  • Double snap closure at front waistband with YKK® AquaSeal® waterproof fly zipper
  • Patented front & back leg seams provide articulated fit, maximum comfort & mobility
  • Water-resistant zippered right hand pocket
  • Abrasion-resistant, more durable built-in gravel guards
  • Available 3/1/2014
FABRIC TECH: GORE-TEX® 3-layer Pro Shell Technology in upper/GORE-TEX® 5-layer Pro Shell Technology in lower - 25% more breathable
APPROX. WEIGHT: 38 oz/1077g
SIZES: S, SK, M, MS, MK, ML, L(9-11), LS, LK, LL(9-11), XL, XLK, XLL, XXL
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Size Chart

G3 Guide™ Pant Wader Size Chart

Men's SizesWaistInseam
(crotch to floor)
S 28" - 32" 31" - 32" 7 - 8
SK 30" - 34" 31" - 32" 7 - 8
M 32" - 36" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
MS 32" - 36" 29" - 30" 9 - 11
MK 34" - 38" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
ML 32" - 36" 35" - 36" 9 - 11
L (9 - 11) 36" - 40" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
LS 36" - 40" 31" - 32" 9 - 11
LK 38" - 42" 33" - 34" 9 - 11
LL (9 - 11) 36" - 40" 35" - 36" 9 - 11
XL 40" - 44" 35" - 36" 12 - 13
XLK 49" - 50" 35" - 36" 12 - 13
XLL 40" - 44" 37" - 38" 12 - 13
XXL 44" - 48" 35" - 36" 12 - 13

*These are body measurements


G3 Guide™ Pant

Why Simms Waders


Product Care

GORE-TEX® Wader Care:

The #1 tip to prolonging the life of a wader is drying your waders. It is important to dry your waders out after each use. We recommend drying the inside first (if damp) and then the outside. When drying the outside you can pull your gravel guards up until the feet are dry and then flip them down to dry the rest of the wader

Washing - Use a front load machine or hand wash. Use cold water and normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once you have washed the waders make sure you dry them properly start by drying the inside first. Never put your waders in the dryer, the heat will adversely affect the seam tape on your waders and will void your warranty.

Fit - We offer more sizes than anyone, a good fit goes a long way to extending the life of your wader. Make it clear that people should use their exact measurements as we have already provided extra room for layering and movement.

General Care - Do not store inside your car for long periods of time excess heat will damage your waders.

Use A Mat - Always put your waders on using a protective mat to shield the neoprene feet from rocks. The Headwaters gear bag for example has a pull out mat that works great for this.

Proper Layering - Do not wear jeans under your waders. Jeans are highly abrasive wearing on your waders from the inside out. More importantly jeans and sweatpants do not transfer moisture away from the body. Use proper layering (to view our layering collection, go here). Using layers such as these will help wick moisture away from your body and assist in the waders ability to breathe.

Stains - most stain removers will work fine on our waders. As long as the stain remover does not contain bleach you should be o.k.



  • GORE-TEX® PRO SHELL outerwear is waterproof, exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort. Constructed with a woven backer, GORE-TEX® Pro Shell garments slide easily over other layers and offer exceptional tear strength and internal abrasion-resistance.

  • Proudly made in the United States of America. Click here to see more of Simms USA-made products.

  • YKK's AQUASEAL® is a light weight waterproof zipper. Combining Vislon® techonology with a seal in between the zipper elements, AQUASEAL® allows easy and smooth operation with 100% protection against the elements.


Customer Reviews

9 Review(s)

9 Item(s)

Durable, quick and convenient. Review by Bozeman River Guides
A full-length wader is necessary while wading in deeper water and provide added warmth during cold days. However, I couldn't be more enthusiastic about a pant wader that you can easily take on and off. I use these waders primarily to guide out of a drift boat. Sometimes you need to scramble to get on or off the water. These pants, in combination with the BOA Rivertek boots, make a great speed combo. At the end of a long day when everyone is tired, I like how I can quickly rip these off and throw them in the truck. These have classic Simms durability and a very good articulated knee construction. Lastly, I love the zipper for using the "outdoor restroom" and there is a convenient loop inside the pant for hanging them out to dry.

(Posted on 7/16/15)

excellent! Review by Ty
I fish/work on the upper Weber river....lots of beaver destruction...willows chewed into punji sticks and submerged beaver holes everywhere....as I expected the pants are very durable with the G3 guide boot.... I wear them far more than my chest waders and can comfortably wear them all day

(Posted on 6/21/15)

Durability with comfort Review by James
I was in the market for a new set of waders but I have always felt the top part of waders being useless for me. Plus, I do more fishing in and out of my drift boat so I gave the G3 Guide Pants a try. I instantly noticed the durability of these pants. The 5 layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell is the most durable on the market. But its doing take away from the comfort when walking the bank or sitting while on the oars. As a fishing tech for Gore-Tex and an avid fisherman, I recommed these pants to anyone in the same situation.

(Posted on 5/8/15)

Pockets? Review by Dude
Ordered them only one pocket
Why in video there's two

(Posted on 5/8/15)

Over 50 Frequent "Your-In-eater" Review by Truthfully
Heavy Coffee drinker in the morning before finishing requires ingress and egress quickly. I love the pants and my platter agrees. Quality, fit, color, Made in USA , Fantastic. I have two pair of Simms waders, Chest and pants. The small zip pocket on the pants was a great idea for trucks keys. Going on two weeks without premature failure. Hope they last for years.

(Posted on 11/7/14)

G3 GUIDE PANT Review by Gennadiy
Last month I got G3 GUIDE PANT. I used for trout fishing in the mountain district, in quite hot weather. Very much I remained it is happy with G3 GUIDE PANT data. Very good product.

(Posted on 9/14/14)

G3 wader pants Review by Blaine
Great pants, great Simms product, as always

(Posted on 7/3/14)

G3 guide pants Review by Old MD fly fishing fanatic
I bought these to accompany my guide boots.Since I fish smaller streams,these are just right.They are living up to the advertising.If you buy a pair,remember FIT NOT SIZE and you will no doubt be pleaseg.

(Posted on 6/16/14)

They are tough and comfy. Review by AKGuide
I needed a pair of wading pants this last fall for guiding moose and bear hunters and these did the trick. I gave them all I could muster and they held together great and kept me warm and dry. Bear brush, freezing temps, and constant hiking were no problem for these waders.

(Posted on 12/14/13)

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