Customizable Wader Options

Waterproof Relief Zipper

YKK® AQUASEAL® zipper placed horizontally and strategically for easy relief.

Extended Wader Size Options

Need a wader size that's not available as a stock size? Extended wader size options are listed at the bottom of the page.

Stockingfoot & Bootfoot Options

Add nearly any size neoprene bootie or rubber bootfoot to any GORE-TEX wader body / size combo. Options listed at the bottom of the page.

Simms Custom Waders

Simms Fishing offers the widest range of stock sizes and model options but if you're still looking for the best fit or looking for some additional variations and extras, check out our custom wader options below. All waders are customized by expert wadermakers in Bozeman, Montana, USA.


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Custom Options Available:

  • Wader body size option not available in stock offerings
  • Larger or smaller stockingfoot bootie size than stock offerings
  • Bootfoot of any size attached to more wader bodies than stock offerings
  • Wader feature upgrade - Relief zip or upgraded suspender package


Add your information below and a Simms Customer Service representative will contact you to review your order for confirmation and payment.


  • Lead time is 8 weeks from payment depending on demand
  • Payment must be collected prior to your wader being made
  • Once accepted, your order may not be canceled
  • Waders may not be returned to SIMMS for refund or exchange



Stockingfoot & Bootfoot Options


 Add a different size stockingfoot bootie to any size G3 or G4Z wader

If you need a different size neoprene bootie that what is offered on our stock G4Z or G3 Guide waders, we offer the following custom bootie size options:


M's Wader Size Small - Large 7-8 8-9
9-11 12-13 14-15 16-17
M's Wader Size XL - 4XL
9-11 12-13 14-15 16-17
W's Wader Size Small - 2XL
6-7 7-8
8-9 9-10



Add a boot to any size G3 or G4Z wader 

Simms offers M's G3 Guide Bootfoot Waders in stock sizes with felt or Vibram soles. However, you may choose to add a boot to any size G3 Guide or G4Z wader.

  •  Boot sizes U.S. men's 8 to 13 (subject to availability)
  • Available in Gunmetal and Riparian Camo

Extended Wader Size Offerings


$100.00 $150.00 $150.00 $200.00
Largest Girth
55"-56" 55"-56" 55"-56" 59"-60"
33"-34" 35"-36"
37"-38" 35"-36" 33"-34" 35"-36"
Stockingfoot 12-13


All the above sizes can be made in the G3 Guide Stockingfoot. XXLS, XXLK, 3XL and 3XLS can also be made in the G4Z Stockingfoot.

*Additional charge over the price of the wader. Please allow 8 weeks for your custom order to be completed.**Available in Cinder and Shadow Green. NEW Spring 22 G3 Pattern in Gunmetal and Riparian Camo only.