M2 BOA Wading Boot Field Repair Kit

Includes M2 replacement knob and wire lace for easy lace system replacement in the field.
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Includes M2 replacement knob and wire lace for easy lace system replacement in the field. For use with our Headwaters® Boa® and RiverTek® Boa® Boot in Vibram® and felt. For 1st GENERATION RiverTek® Boa® wading boots, order M3 Boa® Field Repair Kit. For the G4 Boa® Boot, order the G4 Boa® Replacement Kit. To verify which RiverTek™ Boa® Boot you have, look inside the boot on the tongue label where the size is marked. 2nd Generation boots will state "Boa® M2 Reel" and the lace length, 1st Generation boots state only "Boa®" and lace length.


  • Includes M2 replacement knob and wire lace for easy lace system replacement in the field
  • S/M lace length: 100 cm, fits boot sizes 7‐10
  • L/XL lace length: 110 cm, fits boot sizes 11‐14

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Reviews (5)

  1. Disappointed


    Original wiring lacing broke. Had difficulty replacing. It should be covered under warranty and provided for free. Have bought new boots.

    Simms Customer Service: Nick, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Our repair center is more than happy to replace the BOA lacing system for you. If you ever run into this situation, please follow our repair process at http://repair.simmsfishing.com/ and send them into our repair center. Thank you.

  2. Convenient but terrible durability


    Have had the boots for less than one year, and make it out most weekends. Am having to replace the boa cables on my second boot now. The system is very convenient but replacing them is a total pain, and they are much more expensive than just replacement laces. I think the Boa technology would be great for some applications but wading boots is definitely not one of them. Am considering replacing boots that are in great condition because the cables are such a pain and break unexpectedly. Have spoken with several friends who've had similar experiences. The cables need to be much larger to avoid abrasion and failure. Will not buy them again.
  3. Disappointed


    Now ordering my 3rd and 4th repair kits, after owning a pair of the RiverTed 2 Boa Boot. I will be looking around for new boots very soon!

  4. Always buy 2


    Had to purchase 2 kits in a month because the wire on each boot gave out. Will always keep an extra on hand.
  5. easy to read instructions, makes it easy to practice before doing field repairs


    first time I've had the BOA's. You'll want to hedge your bet if you have a breakdown on a far away trip which is why I bought the repair kit.
    Tool, instructions made it easy to take apart the BOA, see the workings, and make sure I could put it together again without any problems in the woods.

    For $ 12 - cheap insurance.

    but one suggestion - why not simply charge $ 5 more for the boot and toss a repair kit in the box at cost?