The Highest-Tech Wading Jacket On The Water

The updated G4 Pro® packs intuitive fishability and potent weather protection into a battle-ready GORE-TEX® Pro 3-layer build.


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Find out how our on-deck and wading fishing rain wear lines compare in water repellency, breathability and more.
Product Line  Intended Use Fabric Breathability Waterproof Windproof Gender
ProDry Rain Suit (Jacket & bib)  On-Deck 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro [dots-5] [dots-5] [dots-5] Men
Simms CX Rain Suit (Jacket & Bib)  On-Deck 3-layer Nylon [dots-4] [dots-4] [dots-5] Men
Simms Challenger Rain Suit (Jacket & Bib) 
On-Deck 2-layer Toray® [dots-3] [dots-3] [dots-5] Men / Women
Simms Challenger Insulated Rain Suit (Jacket & Bib) On-deck / Ice 2-layer Toray® / PrimaLoft® [dots-2] [dots-2] [dots-5] Men
Active / Everyday GORE-TEX® Paclite® Plus [dots-5] [dots-5] [dots-5] Men
G4 Pro  Wading 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro [dots-4] [dots-5] [dots-5] Men
G3 Guide  Wading 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro [dots-4] [dots-5] [dots-5] Men / Women
Bulkley Insulated 
Wading 2-layer GORE-TEX® / PrimaLoft® [dots-3] [dots-5] [dots-5] Men
Wading 3-layer Toray® [dots-3] [dots-4] [dots-5]

Men / Women


Fishing Rain Gear & Outerwear

"Forget the forecast," one of our most memorable mantras and the guiding principle behind the design and construciton of our fishing rain gear and outerwear - anything head to toe that keeps you on the water as long as you want to be there. From cold weather fishing gear like waterproof, insulated winter jackets and bibs, gloves, hats, and layering systems designed to work with your waterproof, breathable gear, to warm weather fishing gear like highly breathable fishing rain suits and insect repellent outerwear, Simms Fishing designs it for Women and Men, fishing guides and every-day anglers everywhere.