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Comparison Table - Waders

Find out how our fishing wader lines compare
in mobility, breathability and more.
Product Line  Mobility  Breathability  Durability  Number of Sizes  Built For
G4Z Fishing Waders 
[dots-4] [dots-4] [dots-5] Stock: 16, Custom: 6 Men
G3 Waders 
[dots-4] [dots-5] [dots-4] Stock: 21, Custom 6 Men / Women
Guide Classic 
[dots-3] [dots-4] [dots-3] Stock: 17 Men
[dots-3] [dots-3] [dots-3] Stock: 16 Men / Women
[dots-2] [dots-2] [dots-2] Stock: 14 Men / Women / Kids


Simms Fishing Waders

Made by anglers in Bozeman, Montana since 1980, the best fishing waders in the world stem from innovative design, cutting-edge materials, and tenacious testing. They're also the end result of a painstaking process driven by hundreds of US-based wader makers who pledge allegiance to it every day. Whether you're fishing your favorite river or spending the day wading your local saltwater flat, you need the best pair of waders that are not only breathable but durable, and allow you to move freely in the water so you can focus on the fishing. So how do you know which wader is perfect for your fishing style? Use our comparison guide to learn the difference between our lineup of waders designed specifically for men, women and kids.