Simms Waders

The best waders in the world are made by anglers in Bozeman, Montana. From a blank roll of GORE-TEX fabric, the same hands that double-haul sink tips and stroke drift boat oars cut, sew, and tape every wader that bears their mark.

Simms Wader Warranty

No questions asked.


Guaranteed from defects for the life of the product.


Build Your Kit

We’ll outfit you in everything you need based on where, when and how you like to fish.

Find out how our fishing wader lines compare in mobility, breathability and durability.
Product Line  Mobility  Breathability  Durability  Number of Sizes  Built For
[dots-4] [dots-4] [dots-5] Stock: 14, Custom: 5 Men
G3 Guide
[dots-4] [dots-5] [dots-4] Stock: 21, Custom 6 Men / Women
Confluence [dots-5] [dots-3] [dots-4] Stock: 16 Men
Guide Classic 
[dots-3] [dots-4] [dots-3] Stock: 17 Men
[dots-3] [dots-3] [dots-3] Stock: 16M's, 10W's Men / Women
Freestone Z [dots-3] [[dots-3] [dots-3] Stock: 14 Men
[dots-2] [dots-2] [dots-2] Stock: 14M's, 10W's, 3K's Men / Women / Kids


Simms Waders

We've been making waders in Bozeman, Montana since 1980. The best fishing waders in the world stem from innovative design, cutting-edge materials, and tenacious testing. They're also the end result of a painstaking process driven by hundreds of US-based wader makers who pledge allegiance to it every day.

Simms makes waders for every angler and every ability, stockingfoot , bootfoot waders or wading pants for men, women's waders , and kids waders.

60 / 365 Wader Warranty

Every model Simms wader is covered by the best warranty in the business

  • 60-Day No Questions asked. Return your un-used waders for any reason for 60-days.
  • 365-Day Free Repair Should your waders leak for any reason, simply return for free repair or replacement. Vist our wader return page for details,
Wader Repairs - Bozeman, MT
  • Simms repairs our waders at our Bozeman-based HQ. Those repairs go through the same leak testing post repair as every new wader coming off our Bozeman factory floor.
  • 2 years or 20 years later, we tackle any manner of repairs, particularly on GORE-TEX waders, for a reasonable price to get you back on the water as quickly as possible.
  • To start a repair, visit our Wader Repair Center page
  • Register your waders, no matter where you purchased them, for the best service in the wader world.
More size options = better fit

Simms waders come in more sizes per model than any other brand's - 19 in our G3 Guide waders - so you can find the perfect fit.

  • Better fitting waders are obviously more comfortable, allowing for total freedom of movement layering depending on your needs
  • Better fitting waders last longer. There's less excess material to wear against itself and the elements.
  • Nobody else comes close. If you have the perfect body type, no sweat. But for the rest of us, you'll compromise fit in any other brand of wader.
Simms Custom Wader Shop

Wadermakers based in Bozeman, Montana can customize our GORE-TEX waders to your specifications.

  • Add a waterproof relief zipper
  • Extended size options
  • Add a bootfoot to any stockingfoot GORE-TEX wader we offer
  • Upgrade your suspender package

Visit the Custom Wader Shop for details and to being the process.

Find Your Perfect Wader & Size

We've been fitting folks into waders for decades. Take advantage of that experience.

  • Stop by a local Simms retailer and they'll walk you thorugh the line and you can try them on, buy them and fish the same day.
  • Call us, we're happy to help. 1-888-585-3570 during our business hours Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm MST. 
  • Watch our video, "how to size yourself for waders"
  • Use the Wader Fit Finder on our wader product pages - we'll ask a few questions and give you your best fit.