Mens Wading Jackets

Men's Wading Jackets

Sloshing down the riverbanks, casting in relentless drizzle, sending a catch-and-release beauty back on its way: Armed with a waterproof wading jacket from SIMMS, you’ll be in your happy place throughout a full day of fly fishing. Tough, lightweight and breathable three-layer GORE-TEX® or Toray® fabric construction combines weatherproofing and comfort in one awesome outerwear package. You’ll appreciate pockets that don’t flood and cuffs that are designed to keep water cascading down your arm. Don’t worry - our fly fishing waterproof wading jackets also offer the versatility of plentiful storage options and hoods that lock down over a billed cap. Complete your fly fishing suit or wear your jacket around town, SIMMS wading jackets are versatile by design!